Stainless Fume Booth Drum FillerStainless Fume Booth Drum Filler

Stainless Fume Booth Drum Filler

Product Details: Item No. 66

Rate: Up to 50 drums per hour, depending on product viscosity

Container: 15 to 55 gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums

Material: Stainless steel construction, all wetted parts use 316 stainless steel



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This is a custom made, all stainless steel drum filler built within a fume booth which includes a filling and a cooling station. The unique system was designed to fill hot, viscous, and toxic liquids into 55 gallon drums. In addition to being somewhat toxic, the liquid was also 300 degrees F.

The first station is for drum filling and fume collection. The second station is a cooling booth for the hot drum to dwell for a predetermined time before the bung can be placed on it. An air operated sliding door is positioned between the two stations to keep the heat and the fumes separated. Pneumatic sliding doors with interlocks are also provided on the entry and exit doors.

The temperature is controlled by a thermostat that can be changed by the filler operator. Inside the filling station is a special funnel that is lowered over the drum to collect the fumes. A powered conveyor is located at each work station, plus thermal gloves for the operator, and clear plastic windows on the top, sides, back and front.

Description of Operation

This is a custom made, sanitary filler & fume booth made from all 316 stainless steel. It is both, a semi-automatic and top-fill lance, drum filling application.

  • An empty drum conveys into the open door of the booth
  • The door automatically closes after the drum enters
  • The operator aligns the drum’s bung opening under the filling lance
  • The start button begins the tare and fill cycle
  • The heat jacketed lance entering the drum signals the valves to open
  • A hood is lowered over the drum to suck out the fumes during the fill cycle
  • When finished, the hood and lance automatically retract
  • By push button, the conveyor starts and the second door slides open
  • The drum conveys into the next unit, the cooling station
  • The door automatically slides shut when the drum arrives
  • The cooled drum may be discharged by the operator
  • Otherwise the cooled drum will discharge when the next drum wants in

Technical Specifications

This is a custom made, sanitary filler & fume booth made from all 316 stainless steel. It is both, a semi-automatic and top-fill lance, drum filling application.

  • This is a custom made, all 316 stainless steel construction filling system
  • The system is built on a single welded stainless frame
  • Lance and ball valves are Hastelloy for heat and corrosion
  • Scale is 316 stainless at 1,000 lb capacity
  • The manifold and lance are thermal-wrapped & heat jacketed
  • Controller is Allen Bradley PLC, rated Class 1, Division 1
  • Touch screen is, Allen Bradley color Panel View
  • All conveyors are 316 stainless, chain driven live roller type
  • Air operated raise and lower drum hood with exhaust port
  • Entry, internal and exit doors are all slid-back, air-operated
  • A manual, pull out overflow pan is built under the filler station
  • Frame has adjustable louver plates for inlet ventilation
  • A see through operator splash guard is provided
  • High temp thermal gloves are mounted for the operator
  • Several options for exhaust connections are included
  • Entire custom-made machine is built on one chassis