Spare Lance AssemblySpare Lance Assembly

Spare Lance Assembly

Product Details: Item No. 25

Components: Two ball valves, two air actuators, infeed manifold, push rod assembly, air cylinder, machined spool valve, and stainless steel tubing

Material: 316 stainless steel


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All standard filling lances are made with 316 stainless steel tubing. Each one has a machined spool that is glass-filled and Teflon seated and sealed, attached to a push rod. An air cylinder raises and lowers the push rod to open and close the foot valve at the end of the lance. The infeed manifold includes two, 316 stainless, full-port ball valves with air actuators to help eliminate any product hammering during the filling cycle.

The entire lance assembly is mounted with hand toggle clamps, the only filler on the market with this no-tools-required change over feature. Once the air lines have been detached, the lance assembly can easily be removed and another lance assembly can be mounted in a matter of minutes.

Other materials and/or coatings used for valves and lances are;

  • Kynar
  • PVC
  • Teflon
  • Hastelloy
  • Titanium
  • electric heat traced
  • steam heat traced

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