Case Studies

Improving Production of Foaming Products

Case Study – Improving Production of Foaming Products

When filling a 55 gallon drum with a foaming liquid, it is accepted practice to allow two and a half minutes to fill 450 lbs. at 75 gallons per minute input. Most companies accept this drum filling problem as a normal part of business. So, when they need to increase production, they simply purchase another…

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DF-5540 U-LINE

Increased Operator Safety With Optimized Systems

A worldwide manufacturer of industrial cleaning products decided to take a look at Specialty Equipment’s drum and IBC filling machines. It seems the customer had enough high maintenance and filler down time after repeatedly buying from the lowest bidder. With their massive expansion plans, they realized it was time to step-up in quality.

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Feature Image for Minimize the Foam to Maximize Production

Minimize the Foam to Maximize Production

Foaming liquids have always been a problem for chemical manufacturers when filling containers of any size. A 55 gallon drum, for instance, takes about one minute to fill up with water, but when filling with…

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