Scale Certification Services

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Scale Certification Services

Specialty Equipment provides calibration and certification services for a variety of scale types and adheres to local and global regulations and standards by using NIST certified weights. Using NIST certified weights to inspect, calibrate & certify scales means the test weight has been calibrated using NIST certified standards and there is an accuracy record.

Scale Certification by Specialty Equipment

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Scale Certification Ensures Compliance

Routine scale certification ensures compliance and helps companies avoid the challenges that inaccurate measurements can cause including unnecessary costs. Our scale certification services means your equipment has undergone the stringent set of tests for accuracy and compliance. NIST weights and procedures will always apply on any scale certification. 

Scale Certification Maintains Accuracy

Regular scale certification ensures that your scales don’t have the opportunity to go “off mark” for an extended period of time. Measurement errors can have a significant impact on shipping and filling.

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