Revolutionizing Batch Filling Operations with the Portable Drum and Tote Filling Machine

Efficiency and precision are paramount in the dynamic world of liquid filling operations. The Portable Drum and Tote Filling Machine PDF-5540 is designed to streamline batch-filling operations with unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

This unique portable machine is built on a specially engineered fork-truck-able base. This design allows for seamless batch-filling operations across multiple stations, revolutionizing how industries handle the filling of Drums and Totes.


See the Portable Drum & Tote Filler in Action


Features & Specifications

1. Adaptable Filling Capacity:

  • This semi-automatic pallet filler can handle a pallet of drums or a single IBC/tote, accommodating 3, 4, or 5 drums per pallet or an IBC.

2. Container Compatibility:

  • Fills containers ranging from 5 to 55-gallon drums and 275 to 550-gallon IBCs.
  • The machine is designed to accommodate containers with heights ranging from 20 inches to 80 inches, providing flexibility in handling various sizes of drums and totes.

3. Material Construction:

  • Constructed for durability and longevity, this portable pallet filler is available in carbon and stainless steel variants.
  • All wetted parts utilize 316 stainless steel, ensuring the highest standards of material quality and corrosion resistance. Optional Kynar® wetted parts for extreme chemical resistance.

4. Top and Sub-Surface Filling:

  • This palletized drum and tote filler stands out as a top and sub-surface filler, allowing for precise filling operations. This dual functionality enhances its usability for foaming and non-foaming products, catering to the unique needs of different industries.

5. Applications Across Industries:

  • The versatility of the PDF-5540 makes it a game-changer in various industries, including but not limited to chemical manufacturing, lubricants, and food processing. Its ability to handle different container sizes and materials makes it a reliable solution for diverse batch-filling requirements.

As industries strive for enhanced productivity, the Portable Drum & Tote Filler stands ready to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, reshaping the future of batch filling. For complete features and to request a quote, view the PDF-5540 product page.

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