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COVID-19 Statement

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those that are affected by COVID-19. We are taking every precaution we can to ensure that our employees, customers, and suppliers are protected. Since 1969, Specialty Equipment has been a manufacturer of high-end packaging machinery and material handling systems that support our Infrastructure and fall under…

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Fume Booth Filler for Drum and Totes

Case Study – Filling Corrosive and Toxic Liquids

A chemical manufacturer asked us to solve a problem filling 30-gallon carboys and 55-gallon drums on a pallet as well as 330-gallon totes with toxic and corrosive chemicals. The liquid caused a safety hazard for the operator and the surrounding work area. Curtains, gloves, masks, and other solutions tried by the customer were not effective enough.

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How Drum Fillers & Tote Fillers Improve Productivity

Switching to automatic or even semi-automatic drum and tote fillers will have a positive impact on your business operations, including increased production, improved efficiency, greater fill-weight accuracy, and reducing operating costs. Keep reading to see how using drum, tote and pail fillers can enhance your business. The Benefits of Automatic and Semi-Automatic Drum Filling Systems…

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Improving Production of Foaming Products

Case Study – Improving Production of Foaming Products in Drum Fillers

When filling a 55 gallon drum with a foaming liquid, it is accepted practice to allow two and a half minutes to fill 450 lbs. at 75 gallons per minute input. Most companies accept this drum filling problem as a normal part of business. So, when they need to increase production, they simply purchase another…

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