Worker Shortage? Automate Your Drum, Pail, & Tote Filling Operation.

It’s no secret that the United States is currently experiencing a record high labor shortage. The manufacturing industry is not immune to this issue.

According to reports released from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute¹, this trend doesn’t show signs of going away.

It’s 36% harder for manufacturers to find skilled workers than it was three years ago.

  • 63% of manufacturers are having trouble filling critical positions, and nearly a quarter are experiencing serious labor shortfalls.
  • Over 500,000 manufacturing jobs remain unfilled, which is slowing revenue growth and reducing production capacity.
  • The skills gap is likely to result in over 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs by 2030.

Automation is the Answer

Specialty Equipment’s line of semi and fully-automatic liquid filling systems will not only solve labor shortage problems but can also speed up your output and add savings to your bottom line.

Additional benefits of automating your filling operations include: reducing machine downtime, increasing productivity, improving efficiency, eliminating safety issues, and reducing waste by avoiding overfill errors.

Featured Solution: Fully Automatic Palletized Drum Filler

ADF-5540This patented fully automatic four drum filler, model ADF-5540, runs 24/7 without an operator and can fill steel, plastic, or fiber, 55-gallon drums, with or without a pallet. It is designed to find the bung, remove it, fill the drum, and replace the bung automatically, for each drum in sequence. An option is available to fill IBC/totes with automatic removal and replacement of lids as well.

Automation is an excellent strategy for coping with labor shortage problems, and it can be added to existing operations without a great amount of downtime and lost production.

Not sure which automation solution is right for your filling operation? Our team’s experience, coupled with our line of equipment, can provide you with the right solutions. Contact us today!



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