Lance Rack AssemblyLance Rack Assembly

Lance Rack Assembly

Product Details: Item No. 27

Components: Twelve v-grooved cradles, six bottom stabilizer rings, one bottom drain pan, and drain nipple. Can be made stationary or mobile

Material: Carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel


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Multiple filling lances are used to prevent product contamination. A lance rack can store extra lances while they are allowed to drain. The rack is popular when it calls for quick change-over filling lances. The standard rack holds six lance assemblies, but custom made lance racks can be built to accommodate up to twenty lances. The rack can be mounted on the operator platform at the filling station or anywhere on the floor.

Racks can be made from stainless steel or can be epoxy coated, if needed. They are made to hold lances with two infeed ball valves, a Specialty standard, but can be custom made for lances from other manufacturers.

Specialty Equipment can also provide a mobile lance rack to move them around the plant floor or to store lances elsewhere.