Bung and Capping StationBung and Capping Station

Bung & Capping Stations

Product Details: Model BC-550 / Item No. 26

Rate: Bung and cap one drum per minute

Container: 30 to 55-gallon steel and poly drums

Material: Carbon or stainless steel construction

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Here is an accessory item that can be mounted to the drum filling station or moved around the plant floor wherever it is needed. This is a model BC-550 cantilevered manual bung and capping station that allows the drum filling operator to maneuver the balancing air tools to place a bung and cap onto a full drum while the next drum is being filled.

The item includes one air-operated bung wrench and a pneumatic capping tool, each with a cable reel and coiled air tubing.

The bung and capping station can be bolted to the floor, or it can be made mobile using four steel swivel casters and two, foot brakes attached to the welded base. Once in place, a quick connection to a compressed air line is all that is needed to get started.