Bung and Capping StationBung and Capping Station

Bung & Capping Stations

Product Details: Item No. 26

Components: Pneumatic bung wrench, pneumatic capping machine, air coiled tubing, and cable reels

Material: Structural steel weldments



Most drum filling applications require bungs and caps to be applied directly after the filling operation. The manual in-line bung and capping station shown above is very popular. In a typical application, a powered conveyor will receive a filled container or pallet load of drums at the station. While the next drum is being filled, the operator can place the bungs and caps onto the filled containers.

The bung and capping station is made from structural steel, welded together with a bolt-down floor support base. The base and the top are both cantilevered sections, making it a C configuration. The pneumatic tooling for placing bungs and caps are provided as well.

Specialty has also built mobile bung and capping stations for batch filling operations. The one-piece unit is rolled around and locked in place with foot lock-casters, requiring only a plug-in for compressed air. The square tubing frame acts as a manifold for compressed air. Custom-made units can be built as well.