Fume SkirtFume Skirt

Fume Skirt

Product Details: Item No. 22

Components: Teflon bellows, air cylinder, exhaust port, and bearing house

Material: Teflon and stainless steel


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This is a popular drum filler accessory because it is the least expensive device for removing up to 99% of dangerous fumes from the filling station. This Teflon bellows/skirt is designed to accept and collect the fumes during the drum or tote filling cycle. It is also a safety device, because it prevents liquid splash back during the filling operation.

The air operated device is built onto the fume box. An air cylinder lowers a plate with a Teflon bellows attached. It pushes the nipple of the bellows into the bung opening of the drum while the bladder rests on top of the drum. The bellows creates a seal for the fumes to be drawn out through a port on the side of the fume box. The filler controller automatically adjusts for the added weight of the bellows during the auto-tare process. The bellows retracts when the lance retracts at the completion of the fill cycle.

This accessory can be added to any standard filler made by Specialty Equipment Corp.

Description of Operation

This drum filler will remove up to 99% of dangerous fumes from the filling station

  • The operator presses the start button on the filler handle
  • The lance is lowered into the container and the fume skirt follows
  • An air cylinder pushes the bellows down to seal the bung opening.
  • The controller automatically adjusts for the added weight
  • The controller tares the empty drum and bellows to zero weight
  • During the fill cycle, fumes rise up the bellows chamber
  • Fumes are sucked out by an exhauster, (not included)
  • When the drum is filled, the lance automatically retracts
  • The bellows retracts as the lance rises to its home position