Fume Booth Drum Filler

Product Details: Item No. 801

Rate: Up to 50 drums per hour, depending on product viscosity

Container: 15 to 55 gallon steel, plastic or fiber drums

Material: Carbon or stainless steel construction, all wetted parts use 316 stainless steel



When filling hazardous chemicals, a fume booth allows the most amount of operator safety because it shields operators from toxic fume, acids and flammable chemicals. This custom made filler-in-a- fume booth was designed to fill small batches of hot, viscous and toxic liquids into twenty gallon, open-top fiber drums. The fill lance is heated to 275 degrees to allow the thick liquid to flow smoothly through the valves and lance. A fume booth filling system can be made for 5 gallon to 550 gallon containers.

Description of Operation

This is a custom-made filler in a fume booth for a drum filling operation.

  • The operator presses a button to allow the door to open and the conveyor to start
  • An empty drum conveys into the fill station and stops upon contact with a photo eye
  • The entry pneumatic door automatically closes upon a signal that the drum has arrived
  • The operator presses the start on the front panel to begin the fill cycle
  • An air operated, special round hood lowers over the mouth of the drum and sides
  • The controller automatically zeros the tare weight before beginning of fill cycle
  • When filling is complete, the air cylinder of the lance retracts to its home position
  • The air operated special hood also retracts to its home position
  • Using the thermal gloves, the operator places then seals a lid on the drum
  • By push button, the pneumatic exit door opens and the powered conveyor starts up
  • The sealed container conveys forward to the labeling station and stops
  • The pneumatic door closes and the operator calls for another drum


This is a custom made, top-filling operation. A sub-surface filling machine can be used as well.

  • Both valves and lance are made from Hastelloy
  • Electric heat jacketed and thermostat controlled lance and manifold
  • Platform scale is 1,000 lb. capacity
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen, Allen Bradley color Panel View
  • NTEP approved scale and weight meter
  • NEMA 7 panel rated class 1, div 1
  • Air cylinder raises and lowers the lance
  • Automatic zero of tare weight before filler starts
  • A pull-out and sealed overflow pan under filler
  • Air-operated full cover drum hood to prevent splash-back
  • Infeed and discharge powered conveyors with air motors
  • Thermal gloves and windows on the top, sides and the front
  • Air-operated and sealed slide-back entry and exit doors
  • Adjustable-position plate for inlet ventilation
  • Enclosed light with see-through panel
  • Special exhaust connection inside the booth

Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each section a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.