Pail Filling System - Food Grade SPF-510Pail Filling System - Food Grade SPF-510

Pail Filling System – Food Grade

Product Details: Item No. 1296

Moel: SPF-510

Rate: 4 pails per minute, depending on viscosity

Container: 1 to 7 gallon pails, jugs, cans etc.

Material: Stainless steel construction, all wetted parts use 316 stainless steel



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This model SPF-510, all-stainless steel, semi-automatic pail filling system was designed for a food grade operation. It is a top and sub-surface filler for 1 to 7 gallon containers up to 19″ tall. The machine will typically use from 3/4″ dia. up to a 1.9” diameter lance depending on the bung opening of the various containers. The application shown above uses a powered belt conveyor system for infeed and discharge of containers.

The belts are sanitary plastic mesh for wash-down applications. The filler, panel and conveyors are all built with stainless steel construction ready for wash-down. The typical fill rate is 4 pails per minute, depending on viscosity of liquid.

Description of Operation

This is a model SPF-510 all-stainless, food grade, top and a sub-surface pail filling machine.

  • Empty containers are placed onto the infeed powered belt conveyor to accumulate
  • Air-operated stainless rods are used as escapements
  • The operator presses a button discharging a full container and automatically releasing the escapement, allowing an empty container to advance to the fill station
  • When the empty pail is in position, the operator presses the start button
  • The lance will insert to the bottom of the container, if sub-surface filling
  • The controller will zero the tare weight before the fill cycle begins
  • When the fill cycle is complete, the lance will rise to its home position
  • A pneumatic drip pan will move into place to catch any residue
  • The operator will press a button to discharge the filled container, allowing a new empty container to arrive at the filling station
  • The cycle repeats

Technical Specifications

This is a model SPF-510 all-stainless, food grade, top and a sub-surface pail filling machine for 1 to 7 gallon containers up to 19″ tall

  • Sanitary lance and valves for food grade application
  • Lance and all wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
  • Filler has a three speed fill cycle; slow/fast/shot, if needed
  • Two stainless full-port ball valves are used to prevent water hammering
  • A 200 lb./100 kg capacity scale with a stainless cover
  • Scale accuracy +/- 0.05 lbs. on 3 sigma curve
  • NTEP approved scale and weight meter
  • Communications port for interface with Drum Filler in the Cloud
  • All controls enclosed in a stainless steel panel
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen is an Allen Bradley, color Panel View
  • Push buttons mounted at the fill station
  • Automatic zero tare weight before filling starts
  • Aluminum air cylinder raises and lowers the lance
  • Pneumatically operated drip pan
  • Safety interlock, no container, no fill
  • Auto abort, lance crash protection
  • A 2’-0” long powered plastic mesh belt conveyor is on the scale
  • A 2’-0” long powered plastic mesh belt conveyor for the lid station
  • Infeed and discharge conveyors are provided with food-grade drives
  • Welded stainless steel filler and conveyors ready for wash-down

Liquid Filling Equipment Options

Additional information


Stationary – Floor mounted

Fume Booth


Conveyor System For Empty And Full Containers


Foaming Product


Automation Type

Semi-Automatic – Operator positions lance to container or container to lance

Product Temperature


Container Type (Standard)


Container Type (Optional)

Drum-Plastic, Drum-Steel, Quarts

Fill Heads (Standard)

1 Fill Head

Fill Heads (Optional)

2 Fill Head, 3 Fill Head, 4 Fill Head

Classification for Explosive / Flammable Environments (Standard)


Classification for Explosive / Flammable Environments (Optional)

Class I – Div I, Class I – Div II

Site Conditions (Standard)

Corrosive Environment, Food Grade, Industrial Standard, Requires Washdown

Site Conditions (Optional)


Frame Construction / Coating (Standard)

Stainless 304

Frame Construction / Coating (Optional)

Carbon Steel Enamel, Carbon Steel Epoxy, Stainless 316

Product - Wetted Parts (Standard)

Food Grade, Standard 316

Product - Wetted Parts (Optional)

Corrosive / Caustic

Product Viscosity Handling (Standard)

0-2,500 CPS (Water to Maple Syrup), 10,000 CPS (Honey), 100,000 CPS (Toothpaste), 50,000 CPS (Ketchup)

Product Viscosity Handling (Optional)

250,000 CPS (Peanut Butter)