Automatic Drum Filling System ADF-5510Automatic Drum Filling System ADF-5510

Automatic Drum Filling System

This is a fully automatic, drum filling, bunging and capping system built to operate 24/7 filling liquids into 55-gallon drums. System shown without sliding guards.

Product Details: Item No. 1292

Model: ADF-5510

Rate: 60 drums per hour

Container: 55 gallon tight head steel drums

Material: Carbon steel construction, all wetted parts are 316 stainless steel



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This three-station automatic drum filling machine is capable of filling 55-gallon steel drums at a rate of one per minute, (60 drums/hour) using water pumped in at 80GPM. Here is an unguarded view of the entire three-station filling system. The frame is a solid, one-piece welded superstructure made of structural channels and square tubing. A control panel at the end of a catwalk allows access to the controls and reprogramming while the machine is in full view. Maintenance has access to all the stations from below, above and both sides of this system. Sliding safety doors are sliding side to side type, not shown. This system consists of three stations:

  1. The rotator and bung removal station
  2. The filling station
  3. The bung replacement and capping station

Description of Operation

Empty drums are placed on the infeed conveyor and accumulate to an automatic escapement. The escapement device is used to hold back each drum until the filling machine calls for a drum to advance. Each drum will them be conveyed into the bung removal station.

At the bung removal station, the drum is lifted then rotated to locate the bung at the six-o’clock position. The drum is held in position while a special air-operated tool is lowered to remove the bung plug. After removing the bung, the drum is lowered and conveyed to the filling station. The loose bung is sent on a small conveyor to the bung replacement station at the end of the line. Each bung will be replaced onto the drum it was attached to when it arrived.

The drum is lifted off the conveyor at the filling station. The machine will then automatically tare the drum to zero weight and start the fill cycle. In the sub-surface mode, the lance travels to the bottom of the drum to control foaming. One of the two valves remain partially closed until the liquid reaches the tip of the lance. This is the slow fill mode. If filling a non-foaming liquid, the lance will only insert two inches into the drum. Both valves then open wide for fast fill mode.

Filling continues until a predetermined weight is achieved then the slow fill valve is activated to top-off the drum and achieve the greatest accuracy, eliminate splash-back and minimize foam. The lance rises to its home position where a pneumatic drip pan device catches any remaining liquid. The drum is then lowered and conveyed to the bung and capping station.

At the bung and capping station, a bung tool installs the original bung plug with the proper torque. Then, if needed, a dust cap is automatically placed and crimped onto the drum. When finished, the full drum conveys out to a delivery conveyor line.

Technical Specifications

This is a model ADF-5510, a fully automatic drum filling machine for 55-gallon new steel drums and consists of the following components:

  • This is both a top-fill and a sub-surface filling machine
  • All wetted parts are 316 stainless with Teflon seats and seals
  • Lance is 1.9” OD with an air cylinder and 3/8” internal push rod
  • The push rod will open and close a glass-filled Teflon sealed foot valve
  • An aluminum rod type air cylinder raises and lowers the filling lance
  • Three speed filling cycle; slow/fast/dribble
  • Two infeed ball valves prevent product hammering
  • Drip pan is air operated with a disposable aluminum tray
  • Air operated 1,000lb capacity NTEP certified lifting weigh plate
  • Communications port for interface with Drum Filler in the Cloud
  • Accuracy is +/- 0.2lbs. based on a 3-sigma curve
  • NTEP certified digital weight meter reads in 0.2lb increments
  • Controller is a PLC – Touch screen is a 10” color panel view
  • Menu is set for 500 different products; more if needed
  • Automatic tare of each container before filling begins
  • Failsafe; won’t start filling without a container present
  • Abort; automatically retracts the lance at obstruction
  • Optional data acquisition or printout
  • Two-strand chain conveyor to advance drums through the machine
  • Automatic drum rotator to locate the bung opening
  • Automatic air-operated bung removal tool
  • Automatic conveyor to transfer the bung to be reinstalled
  • Automatic bung replacement tool with adjustable torque setting
  • Automatic bowl feeder for dust caps
  • Automatic dust cap placer and cap crimper
  • Personnel safety barriers with interlocking sliding doors
  • Welded structural steel frame and components, enamel painted
  • The approximate dimensions are 10’ long x 10’ deep x 12’ tall
  • This filling machine is fully assembled, programmed and tested

Liquid Filling Equipment Options

Additional information


Stationary – Floor mounted

Fume Booth


Conveyor System For Empty And Full Containers


Foaming Product


Automation Type

Fully Automatic – Machine removes and/or replaces bung / lid

Product Temperature


Container Type (Standard)

Drum-Plastic, Drum-Steel

Container Type (Optional)


Fill Heads (Standard)

1 Fill Head

Fill Heads (Optional)

2 Fill Head, 3 Fill Head, 4 Fill Head

Classification for Explosive / Flammable Environments (Standard)


Classification for Explosive / Flammable Environments (Optional)

Class I – Div I, Class I – Div II

Site Conditions (Standard)

Industrial Standard

Site Conditions (Optional)

Corrosive Environment, Food Grade, Outdoor, Requires Washdown

Frame Construction / Coating (Standard)

Carbon Steel Enamel

Frame Construction / Coating (Optional)

Carbon Steel Epoxy, Stainless 304, Stainless 316

Product - Wetted Parts (Standard)

Standard 316

Product - Wetted Parts (Optional)

Corrosive / Caustic, Food Grade

Product Viscosity Handling (Standard)

0-2,500 CPS (Water to Maple Syrup), 10,000 CPS (Honey), 100,000 CPS (Toothpaste), 50,000 CPS (Ketchup)

Product Viscosity Handling (Optional)

250,000 CPS (Peanut Butter)