Automatic Quad Drum Filler AQF-5540Automatic Quad Drum Filler AQF-5540

Automatic Quad Drum Filler

Product Details: Item No. 1295

Model: AQF-5540

Capacity: 4 drums without a pallet

Rate: 4 drums every 90 seconds or 160 drum per hour depending on the viscosity of the liquid

Container: 55-gallon steel, fiber, or poly drums

Material: Carbon or stainless steel construction all wetted parts use 316 stainless steel


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This model AQF-5540 automatic quad drum filler is the fastest drum filling machine available. It is designed to fill four, 55-gallon drums simultaneously without a pallet. The greatest value of this filling machine is in the production rate, because it can fill four drums in 60 seconds. In fact, allowing for time to convey in and out of the filling station, the cycle rate is 90 seconds, which equates to a production rate of 160 drums per hour.

The bung plugs are manually removed and the drums are aligned downstream, on the infeed conveyor, by an overhead plug alignment device. The four-drum load, without a pallet, conveys into the filling station where all four drums will be filled simultaneously. The 90 seconds cycle rate is determined by filling drums under ideal conditions, with water, and conveying them into and out of the filling station. Yet, even with high viscosity, it can still fill four drums at the same speed you are now filling one drum.

Description of Operation

This model AQF-5540, high-speed automatic drum filling machine is a top and sub-surface liquid filling machine for 55-gallon drums.

  • A pre-arranged set of four drums, with bungs removed, will convey to and from the filling station
  • An operator will remove bungs from empty drums and align the four bung openings with or without an overhead alignment device provided with the infeed conveyor
  • Each set of drums, without a pallet, will accumulate prior to the filling station
  • Once a set of drums is filled, they are automatically conveyed out of the fill station
  • A new set of four empty drums conveys into the fill station and signals the conveyor to stop
  • The four-lances automatically insert into the empty drums
  • The filler will automatically zero tare the four weights before the fill cycle begins
  • The four lances retract automatically ending the drum filling cycle
  • The four drums automatically convey out of the filling station allowing the next four to enter

Technical Specifications

This model AQF-5540 automatic quad drum filler is a top and sub-surface filling machine specifically for 55-gallon steel, poly, or fiber drums.

  • Lances and all other wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
  • Four 316 stainless steel lances
  • Two full-port ball valves per lance control any product hammering
  • Air cylinder raises and lowers each lance
  • Communications port for interface with Drum Filler in the Cloud
  • Four, 1,000 lb. platform type scales
  • Four NTEP approved scales and weight meters
  • NEMA 4 standard enclosure, others optional
  • Controller uses an Allen Bradley PLC’s
  • Touch screens are Allen Bradley color Panel View
  • Air operated quad drip pans with UHMW wiper rings
  • Will automatically zero the tare weights before each drum fill cycle
  • Automatic abort if a lance is not properly aligned with a bung opening
  • Operator troubleshooting interface with prompts
  • Fills four drums in one minute with water at 80 gallons per minute input per lance
  • 90 second cycle rate determined by drums entering, filling and discharging

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