Item No. 607

Empty Drum Palletizer

Product Description

This is a standard, air-over-electric machine that functions as a pick-and-place robot. It is a gentle operation that automatically positions drums onto a pallet at a rate of two drums every thirty seconds. The machine utilizes vacuum cups to gently lift empty drums, two at a time, from an infeed conveyor then carries them to a waiting pallet and gently places them onto the designated pallet position. The system is designed to carry two drums at every cycle, which is why it has a loading rate of four drums per minute.

In addition to the fast and ergonomically safe method of loading drums onto a pallet, the added value is in the gentle handling of fiber and steel drums. There is no chance for drums to be dented or distorted, because they are lifted up and placed down gently. The empty drum palletizer can load steel, fiber, or plastic drums, as long as they have a lid sufficient for vacuum cups to take hold.

Description of Operation

  • Empty drums should have a smooth top surface for vacuum cups to take hold
  • Each empty drum will move onto the roller conveyor that infeeds the palletizer
  • Two drums will convey into the pick-up station, while others remain behind an escapement
  • A pallet will be waiting at the loading zone, either by manual placement or automatic dispenser
  • A pair of vacuum cups will lower onto the two empty drums and seal them.
  • Two drums will be raised then shuttled to the first pallet position then lowered and released.
  • The vacuum assembly then retracts and the shuttle returns to its home position
  • The cycle repeats, carrying the next pair of drums to the second pallet position
  • When completed, the fully loaded pallet will automatically discharge onto a roller conveyor
  • The average loading rate is four empty drums per minute

Product Specifications

  • This is an automatic, air-over-electric machine
  • The controller is an Allen Bradley SLC, or PLC
  • The four wheel shuttle is powered by a cable air cylinder
  • The carriage assembly is raised and lowered by air cylinders
  • Carriage includes eight vacuum cups, four per drum
  • The system includes an infeed powered roller conveyor
  • The discharge unit is also a powered roller conveyor
  • Machine is made from structural steel, all welded construction
  • OSHA approved safety guards are provided with the machine
  • The entire machine is fully controlled, assembled and tested before shipment

Additional Equipment Available

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  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Chain conveyors & transfers
  • Turntables & Transfer cars
  • Drum dumpers & tippers
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