Item No. 141

Transfer Cars

Product Description

Transfer cars are made to pick-up heavy loads from one conveyor and move them off-line, delivering payloads to another receiving conveyor, or machine. Specialty Equipment builds transfer cars for payloads up to 10,000 lbs. The unit shown above is an electric powered transfer car, mobilized to handle pallet loads of drums from multiple accumulation lines. The T-car is designed to allow any type of surface conveyor to be mounted on top. In this case, the surface has a chain driven live roller, reversing conveyor. This transfer car automatically shuttles to and from five liquid filling stations with a payload of four drums on a pallet.

This T-car has two commercial safety bumpers that disengage both drives at 3 lbs of force. The hanging festoon cable is ceiling mounted. The T-car uses four urethane wheels and runs at 60 FPM with a vertical shaft at each end extended down into a groove in the floor for guidance.The controller can be built on board, if needed. This transfer car can receive and discharge a 4,000 lb payload from either side. The tracks, festoon cable and accumulation conveyors, (not shown) were all provided with this system.

Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel frames and supports welded together, making each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • At rest, the T-car receives a signal from one of the full lanes to come and pick-up a load.
  • The car has a ramp-up and ramp-down speed drive
  • Arriving at a pick-up station, the car contacts a photo eye making it stop
  • Upon arrival, a signal is given to start up both conveyors.
  • Once on the car, a signal is given to stop both conveyors
  • The car moves to its designated position and stops at a photo eye.
  • The conveyor on the car and at the receiving station start-up
  • The car delivers the payload and looks for another signal to pick-up.
  • The system can handle a 4,000 lb payload at 60 FPM speed

Product Specifications

  • This transfer car has a 4,000 lb payload capacity
  • This is an all-structural steel welded chassis
  • Wheels are, two steel V-grooved & two flat face
  • Floor track is inverted angle steel on flat bar
  • Drive is converter duty, one horsepower
  • Conveyor drive is 1/2 HP gear motor
  • Chain driven live roller surface conveyor
  • Conveyor & T-car drives are reversing
  • Festoon cable is included, ceiling hung
  • OSHA compliant safety bumpers, front & rear

Additional Equipment Available

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  • Roller & belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors & transfers
  • Dumpers & Upenders
  • Palletized drum & tote fillers
  • Single drum & pail fillers
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