Item No. 152

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Product Description

Chain driven live roller conveyor is commonly used for transporting, accumulating and transferring heavy loads, like pallets, bins and totes. This standard, model 3530, powered roller conveyor is used in a foundry application to transport and accumulate an 8,000 lb pallet load. The ten foot long unit shown is an additional section, adding to an existing eighty foot line at the customer’s plant.

Specialty is well known for handling heavier than conventional loads, because all conveyors are built with structural steel frames and floor supports welded together to form a superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry. Your conveyor equipment will withstand more abuse and last longer when its made by Specialty.

Description of Operation

  • A series of these 10′ sections are installed on a transport line.
  • This unit is an addition to the existing, 80 foot line
  • A pallet, or bin is placed onto the infeed end of a long transport line
  • Each load will be transferred onto the next ten foot conveyor section
  • At the end of the line, pallet loads transfer onto a right angle chain conveyor
  • The chain conveyor accumulates loads while the contents on the pallet cool down

Product Specifications

  • This is a roll to roll driven live roller conveyor
  • Rollers are 3.5″ diameter with 5/16″ wall & 1-1/16″ hex axles
  • Each roller has two welded sprockets and one chain loop
  • Roller bearings are grease packed & sealed for life
  • Frames are 8″ x 11.5 lb/ft structural channels
  • Supports are 6″ structural channels welded to the frames
  • Drive is 1 HP gear motor, side mounted
  • Conveyor speed is 30 ft per minute
  • Conveyor capacity is 4,000 lbs per linear foot

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