Dependable Liquid Filling Systems

Filling drums is still the most popular liquid filling method in America. Filling machines made by Specialty Equipment are widely known as the most rugged and efficient drum fillers available. Drum fillers are made for filling one drum at a time up to filling four drums on a pallet. Handling 55 to 550 gallon containers with toxic, corrosives or flammable liquids are standard applications. Specialty Equipment is the largest manufacturer of drum filling, conveying and palletizing systems in North America.

IBC filling has been increasing over the years. Fortunately, our standard drum fillers are also IBC, or tote fillers as well. It seems that IBC fillers are used more in the agriculture and chemical industries, but are growing in the coatings and cleaner industries. Specialty Equipment does more liquid filling of large containers than others, because our standards are more adaptable for filling 55 to 550 gallon containers. Whether it is corrosive, toxic, flammable, viscous or foaming, we have a filler to suit your needs.

Specialty Equipment builds the most complete line of portable and mobile pail fillers in the industry. Mobile filling machines have become increasing more popular for batch filling applications, specifically in the agriculture, chemical, cleaners, coating, and lube industries. Likewise, we offer a complete line of stationary pail filling systems for food grade and other wash-down applications. Most pail filling systems and conveyors are made with stainless steel.

Servicing Industries for Half a Century

Based in Houston Texas, Specialty Equipment began as a job shop in 1969, and today, they are the largest manufacturer of drum filling, conveying and palletizing systems in North America. Their reputation for building the most rugged drum, pail and tote filling systems is well known. Specialty also builds stainless steel fillers, conveyors and custom made handling equipment for the agriculture, chemical, cleaning, coating, flavors, food, lube, and sealant industries.

Built to Fill Built for Life

Your business should stand the test of time, and so should your filling systems. Since 1969, we have built our reputation on high quality, rugged machinery and high-caliber service. Our reputation and product line qualifies us to be your single source manufacturer for drum filling, conveying and palletizing systems.

  • Handling harmless to hazardous liquids
  • Filling with 50% to 75% less foam
  • Accurate and repeatable fill weights
  • Longer life with less maintenance
  • More up-time production and efficiency
  • All built and tested in Houston, Texas USA

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