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Slip-Sheet Dispensers

Product Details: Item No. 305

Model: SSD-1000

Capacity: Pneumatically handles an 18” stack of corrugated sheets

Use: To automatically discharge a corrugated sheet onto a waiting pallet every two minutes, or when called

Material: Carbon or stainless construction


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This slip-sheet dispenser is designed to discharge a corrugated sheet onto a waiting pallet. Corrugated sheets are being applied to every pallet before they are loaded with parts. A corrugated sheet will be picked-up from an 18″ high stack sitting in a collection bin and deposit it onto a waiting pallet, every two minutes. The system consists of five components;

  1. An automatic pallet dispenser that feeds the machine
  2. An air operated overhead shuttle that carries the vacuum carriage back and forth
  3. An up/down four cup, vacuum assembly that picks-up the sheets
  4. A collection bin for the stack of corrugated sheets
  5. The discharge pallet conveyor

Description of Operation

This model SSD-1000 slip-sheet dispenser will pick up and discharge a corrugated sheet onto a waiting pallet every two minutes or when called, automatically.

  • The automatic pallet dispenser sends a pallet to a waiting station
  • Upon arrival, it signals a shuttle overhead to activate
  • The shuttle moves across the rails and stops over a bin of corrugated sheets
  • A vacuum cup assembly lowers onto the stack of sheets
  • A sheet is picked up and signals the shuttle to move
  • The shuttle conveys to the pallet position and stops
  • The sheet is lowered onto the pallet and released
  • The vacuum assembly raises and stops, awaiting another cycle
  • A signal is sent to start the floor conveyor to discharge the pallet
  • A new pallet is then discharged from the pallet dispenser
  • The cycle repeats

Technical Specifications

This slip-sheet dispenser will automatically pick up and discharge a corrugated sheet onto a waiting pallet every two minutes or when called.

  • The pallet dispenser has a 20 pallet magazine
  • Dispenser can send a pallet out every 20 seconds
  • Dispenser has a scissors lift between a two strand conveyor
  • Floor conveyor is a chain driven live roller
  • System is controlled by an Allen Bradley PLC
  • All controls are enclosed in a NEMA 12 panel
  • Shuttle has four vacuum cups and four wheels
  • Pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers the carriage
  • Shuttle back and forth is actuated by an air cylinder
  • Body construction, 4″ square tubing, welded structure
  • Shuttle carriage uses welded 4″ square tubing
  • Fully assembled, wired, piped, and tested machine

This automatic sheet dispenser is built to run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


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