Item No. 148

Drawbridge for Pallets

Product Description

This is a custom made conveyor application, built for a customer in the manufacturing of hard goods. There aren’t too many ways to raise a ten foot long conveyor, but Specialty Equipment has built several special lifts, gates, and drawbridges similar to the one shown above. The load being conveyed is a 42″ wide pallet with a 2,450 lb payload at 48″ high. This access gate, or drawbridge, is raised on occasion to allow a fork truck access throughout the plant.

Of the two types of drawbridges designed, one uses an air-over-cable cylinders and the other uses twin hydraulic cylinders against a fulcrum point to lift and lower the gate. The raise and lower cycle takes about thirty seconds, round trip.

Specialty Equipment builds custom made fillers and conveyors to suit the needs of its customers. They have a well known reputation for designing and building the most rugged conveyors, dispensers, transfers, and related equipment in the industry,

Description of Operation

  • A fork truck operator approaches the gate and pulls a cord
  • The drawbridge raises a full 90 degrees for access
  • An audible alarm is activated whenever the gate is moving up or down
  • A signal is also sent to shut down the gate, infeed and discharge conveyors.
  • The truck drives through the ten foot opening
  • The truck operator pulls another cord to lower the drawbridge.
  • When down, a signal is sent to start all conveyors again.

Product Specifications

  • This is a custom made unit, 10′ long x 5′ wide
  • The gate rotation is a full 90 degrees
  • Gate has a powered roller conveyor surface
  • The drive is a 1/2 HP TEFC gear motor
  • Powered conveyors are chain driven live rollers
  • Frames are 5″ x 6.7 lb/ft structural channels
  • Rollers are 2.5″ diameter with 11/16″ axles
  • Supports are 4″ structural channels welded to frames
  • Drawbridge assembly is a fully welded unit
  • Square tubing is used for framework construction
  • A cable air cylinder raises and lowers the gate
  • Hydraulic or air cylinders can also be used
  • An audible alarm is used for safety compliance

Additional Equipment Available

  • Palletized drum & tote filler
  • Single drum & pail fillers
  • Quad drum fillers
  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Drum conveyors
  • Drum rotators
  • Roller & belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors & transfers
  • Turntables & Transfer cars
  • Pallet dispensers & collectorss
  • Custom made fume booths
  • Custom handling equipment