Item No. 145

Chain Conveyors for Heavy Loads

Product Description

Choosing a chain conveyor is determined by several factors including, need for load stability, when rollers are not sufficient, when pallet boards or tote runners are conveying the wrong way, when the loads are transferred, or when crossing-over is necessary. This twenty-five foot long, heavy duty, four-strand drag chain conveyor is for handling unstable loads up to 5,000 lbs each. The customer uses it outside of a foundry, for bins of hot forgings to index and accumulate while cooling down. The frames are galvanized and the chain is self lubricated. Proper safety guarding, although not shown here, was applied.

Although the loads are 5,000 lbs, Specialty builds conveyors and filling equipment with structural steel to a load factor of two. Each section is an all-welded, one piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Product Specifications

  • Though not shown, OSHA approved guards were installed
  • The four-strand chain conveyor is twenty-five feet long
  • Carrying chains are 2080 double-pitched roller chain
  • Rollers of the chains ride on hardened key stock
  • B-type sprockets are keyed & bored for a 2.5″ shafts
  • Frames are 8″ channels welded with cross members
  • Supports are 4″ structural channels welded to frames
  • Conveyor capacity is 5,000 lbs unit load

Additional Equipment Available

  • Heavy duty pallet dispenser
  • Roller & belt conveyors
  • Turntables & transfer cars
  • Single drum & pail fillers
  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Pallet dispensers
  • Custom handling equipment