Powered Drum ConveyorsPowered Drum Conveyors

Powered Drum Conveyors

Product Details: Item No. 416

Capacity: 450 lbs per drum

Use: For conveying and indexing 55 gallon drums

Material: Stainless, carbon, or galvanized steel construction


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This all-stainless conveyor system was built for handling 55 gallon steel drums filled with a liquid food additive. Each drum coming from the filler operation weighs 450 lbs. Two drums are conveyed in tandem throughout the system because they will be picked-up by the fork truck in pairs. A photo eye is mounted every five feet to allow indexing accumulation where drums index from zone to zone in pairs.

The entire system is subject to periodic wash down, so the conveyors are stainless steel, the motors are wash-down duty, and the controls and wiring are water tight. The drum diverters are operated by air cylinders.

Description of Operation

The conveyor equipment and devices shown are all food grade quality construction. Standard construction is painted carbon steel.

  • Full drums will enter from a gravity accumulation conveyor
  • An air operated drum escapement will stop the first drum and wait for a second
  • When two drums are in tandem, the escapement will allow them to pass
  • Both drums will convey onto a powered conveyor five foot accumulation zones
  • Drums will automatically convey to the end of the line in tandem
  • A photo eye recognizes the last zone filled and shuts it down
  • The next two drums transfer and convey to the next available zone and stop
  • This operation continues until each five foot zone is filled with two drums
  • When a fork truck removes a pair of drums, the next pair automatically moves up
  • The sequence is the same for the line on the right

Technical Specifications

The entire system is made from stainless steel, subject to periodic wash down, so the motors are wash-down duty and the controls and wiring are water tight.

  • All conveyors are chain driven live roller type
  • Rollers, axles, bearings, sprockets, and chains are stainless
  • All the frames and supports are stainless steel
  • Rollers are 2.5″ dia. with 11/16″ hex axles
  • All rollers have RC50 welded sprockets plus chain loops
  • Rollers are spaced on 5″ centers, other centers available
  • Frames are 6″ deep channels, welded
  • Supports are 4″ channels welded to the frames
  • Drives are 1/2 HP gear motors, wash down duty
  • Conveyor speed is 30 FPM, faster speeds available
  • Conveyor capacity is 1,200 lbs per linear foot

Carbon steel conveyors are manufactured with structural steel frames and supports welded together, making each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged industry standard.

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