Gravity Conveyor for Pallet JacksGravity Conveyor for Pallet Jacks

Gravity Conveyor for Pallet Jacks

Product Details: Item No. 150

Capacity: 3,000 lbs per pallet or IBC load

Use: For conveying and accumulating pallets, IBC’s, totes, bins, etc.

Material: Carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel construction


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When you don’t have a conventional fork lift, or when space won’t allow fork truck access, you can use a hand pallet jack to pick-up or drop-off heavy loads. This custom made gravity roller conveyor uses 2.5″ diameter rollers for loads up to 3,000 lbs. A ramp must be used to gain elevation and provide a level surface for the pallet load to be at the same level as the pallet jack forks. If a ramp is not available, these conveyors can be placed in a pit in the floor, thereby making the load level with the floor for easy pick up with a pallet jack.

Description of Operation

This gravity roller conveyor must have a ramp-up then-level surface used with the application.

  • If a ramp is not available, a pit in the floor will suffice to mount the conveyor
  • The pallet must have bottom runners (skis) in the direction of travel
  • The operator pushes the pallet jack into the pick up station
  • The operator captures the pallet load from the roller surface
  • The pallet jack moves back down the ramp
  • The same functions are used for dropping off a pallet load
  • If mounted in a pit, the operation is simply a drive-in, drive-out process

Technical Specifications

This is a model 2511 gravity roller conveyor, made from three sections and is typically pitched from 1/4” to 1/2” per foot slope depending on the weight and bottom surface of the pallet, bin, or tote being conveyed.

  • The two outer sections are 10” between frames gravity roller conveyor
  • The inner rail is a 6” between frames gravity roller conveyor
  • Conveyor frames are 6″ structural steel channels and 5” angles
  • The inner rail is 4″ structural steel angle, welded to frames
  • Supports are 4″ structural steel channels welded to the frames
  • Rollers are 2.5″ dia. with 11/16″ hex axles
  • Rollers are spaced on 3” or 4″ centers
  • Welded end stops are included.
  • Conveyor is rated for 2,000 lbs per linear foot

All conveyors are built with frames and supports welded together, making each section a superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

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