How to Choose a Filling Machine for Filling Corrosive Liquids

Splashing, fumes and overfilling of corrosive liquids in liquid filling machines can produce a rapid and significant hazard to eyes, skin, and other human tissue, jeopardizing your employees’ safety. These concerns not only compromise the well-being of your workers, but they can also produce waste, damage equipment, disrupt operations, and get in the way of productivity. If your business deals with filling corrosive liquids into Drums, Pails, or Totes, you understand the challenges in finding filling machinery that can accommodate those liquids.

Selecting the right filling machinery specifically designed to work with corrosives is crucial to the longevity of your equipment and the safety of your employees.

Here are some key considerations when choosing a Specialty Equipment filling machine for corrosive liquids.

First and foremost, you want a liquid filling machine made from corrosion-resistant materials. Stainless steel, specialized alloys, and plastics, like our Kynar lance assembly, are designed to withstand chemical erosion when corrosive liquids come in contact with the material.

Kynar Lance Assembly for Corrosive Liquids

Pictured here is Specialty Equipment’s Kynar Lance Assembly.

Control Systems
Accuracy is key in filling corrosive liquids. State-of-the-art control panels and sensors allow operators to set parameters to ensure accurate filing targets.

Safety Features
The hazardous nature of corrosive liquids calls for liquid filling machines with crucial safety features including emergency shut-off systems, splash guards, and fume collection systems.

Upgrade Filler Parts Case Study

Pictured here is Specialty Equipment’s Dual Lance Mobile Pail Filler with safety guards.

Corrosive liquid filling machines should be easy to use with quick setup and change over, intuitive interfaces, easy to maintain and fix, and require minimal training for safe operation.

To protect operators from breathing toxic fumes, and keeping them from going airborne, adequate ventilation is a priority in the filling area. Filling machines with fume collection systems act as an extraction system for capturing and removing toxic fumes while keeping operators safe.

Fume Booth Drum Filler

Pictured here is the Specialty Equipment’s Fume Booth Drum Filler. This custom-made filler-in-a- fume booth was designed to fill small batches of hot, viscous, and toxic liquids into twenty-gallon fiber drums.

Because safely using and containing corrosive chemicals in filling machines can be a complex process, depending on unique applications, a one-size-fits-all solution may not be the best option.

Our expertise in custom-made liquid fillers and our well-known reputation for building rugged, long lasting liquid filling machines are why Specialty Equipment is listed as a preferred vendor to many of the world’s largest chemical, cleaners, coatings, and sealant manufacturers.

Specialty Equipment Company has been in business since 1969 and is the industry-leading manufacturer of Drum, Pail, and Tote liquid filling equipment in the U.S. Schedule a call with a filling expert to see how we can help make filling corrosive liquids safer and easier.


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