Covid-19 Increases the Need for Automation

We all know that “necessity is the mother of invention” but no one could have predicted the number of necessities created by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. All over the world, manufacturers and processors are forced to change and innovate working conditions, production schedules, and operational costs as a result of the deadly virus.

Thinking the virus was going to be a temporary setback, we were all caught unaware when it grew in quantum leaps. Since then we’ve all learned to adapt our manufacturing, processing, and packaging plants with shutdowns, partial work weeks, layoffs, social distancing, wearing masks, rehiring, and other necessities yet to be discovered.Automatic Drum Filling System ADF-5510

It comes as no surprise that the financial impact on companies has been enormous because of the pandemic. Recent surveys have shown that many of the top companies that manufacture, process, or package liquids have sought out automated machinery to fill containers, no longer relying on employees to operate machines. For many, automation is the solution to offset the present and future threats to critical production levels, employee working conditions, and downtime operational costs.

So, the future of productivity on the process floor is clear. Automated machinery is immune to epidemics and it doesn’t need an operator. Having learned the cost of downtime the hard way, most production managers have easily found the cost justification to upgrade to fully automated filling machines. In many cases payback on automation is achieved within a few months.

Specialty Equipment Company of Houston, Texas, a world class manufacturer of liquid filling systems, has been building high-grade packaging machinery and conveyor systems since 1969. They have learned from their customers how to respond to necessity and have earned a reputation for building the most rugged filling and conveying systems in their industry. One look at their automated drum, pail and tote filling systems will prove to you that this is the company you should be talking to about future production.

Adapting quickly to the demands of their customers, Specialty Equipment has already been making automatic filling machines to have them ready when customers call. So, why wait? If you have a need to fill 5 to 55-gallon, up to 550-gallon containers with liquids that are viscous, hazardous, or just easy-flowing, check out their website, to find the solution for you and your company.

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