Item No. 28

Sampling Valve

Product Description

If you are filling a production run, you’ll probably require an occasional sample of the product running through the filler, to test the integrity of the liquid. A manual sampling valve, as part of the filling lance, will do that for you. Typically, the sample is taken before the start of another fill cycle.

On the other hand, if you want to extract a sample of the liquid while the filler cycle is running, you can, but we will change the standard filler program so that when the valve is open, the computer will accept the product removal and adjusts the fill cycle and weight accordingly.

This sampling valve option provides a 316 stainless steel hand valve as part of the filler lance. The valve can be ordered with a new filler machine, or it can be ordered later, attached to an extra filling lance. If ordered later, a program change might be necessary, unless the sample is to be taken before the fill cycle starts. The sampling valve shown can be added to all drum, pail and tote fillers.

Additional Equipment Available

  • Palletized drum & tote fillers
  • Single drum & pail fillers
  • Automatic pail fillers
  • Automatic drum fillers
  • Quad drum fillers
  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Special fume booths
  • Custom made fillers