Stainless Belt ConveyorsStainless Belt Conveyors

Stainless Belt Conveyors

Product Details: Item No. 420

Rate: 240 boxes/hour, 250 lbs max unit load

Container: Boxes, bins, containers, etc

Material: Stainless, carbon, or galvanized steel construction


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Belt conveyors are typically transporters, but can be made to index and accumulate loads. A roller bed belt conveyor is superior to a slider bed because it allows for faster speeds and heavier loads. Likewise, a roller surface feels much less friction, so it requires less horsepower and less wear and tear on the belt. This food grade belt conveyor was built for a production line to transport 60 lb bundles of food to a packaging station in a constant wash-down area.


In this food manufacturing application the belt is food grade and all the remaining conveyor components are stainless steel construction, except the drive, which is food grade, wash-down duty. The frames and supports are welded together to make a one piece superstructure. The drive sprockets and chains are also stainless steel.

Description of Operation

This is a food grade belt conveyor but it can be used in any other wash-down application.

  • This is a simple transport conveyor for 60 lb boxes and other containers, up to 250 lbs
  • Containers and boxes will convey from one machine to another via this conveyor
  • It can be made to index if accumulation is required, otherwise it runs constantly
  • If needed, the height is adjustable 3″ overall
  • The belt is not reversible because of the end drive pulley
  • The speed is fixed at 30 FPM but can be increased or decreased

Technical Specifications

This is a food grade belt conveyor but it can be used in any other chemical wash-down application.

  • This is a non-reversing, end drive belt conveyor
  • Rollers, bearings, sprockets, and pulleys are stainless steel
  • The frames are 5″ deep stainless channels
  • Supports are 4″ deep stainless channels welded to the frames
  • Rollers are 1.9″ dia. with 7/16″ hex axles on 3″ centers
  • End drive and the take-up pulleys are both 6″ diameter
  • Drive is a 1/2 HP gear motor, food grade, wash down duty