No-Foam Option

This is a proprietary product developed by Specialty Equipment. It is a liquid pumping system to reduce or eliminate foam while filling 15 to 550 gallon containers. This product can be provided with any drum filler, or tote filler, as a separate item.

No-Foam Pump Station

The No-Foam pump station is mounted on a skid with the following components:

  • All wetted parts of the filler and pump station are 316 stainless steel
  • The filling machine lance will have a special foam reducing foot valve
  • NEMA 4 control panel with 2 speed controller
  • 5 HP motor, TEFC
  • 75 GPM pump at 50 psig
  • 5-gallon filter housing
  • Filter housing glass-reinforced PPL
  • Pressure gauge for 0-200 psi
  • Two ball valves, 2” diameter
  • Flow meter, 2”
  • Sight glass, 2”
  • 40 micron Y-strainer/cleanout, 2” NPT
  • Quick disconnect coupling of hose
  • 20’ long, pump to lance, product hose
  • Misc. 2” NPT nipples, elbows and, connectors
  • Electronic dry contacts for pump control
  • Carbon steel fabricated skid, enamel painted
  • Fully assembled, wired, piped, and tested

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