How Drum Fillers & Tote Fillers Improve Productivity

Switching to automatic or even semi-automatic drum and tote fillers will have a positive impact on your business operations, including increased production, improved efficiency, greater fill-weight accuracy, and reducing operating costs. Keep reading to see how using drum, tote and pail fillers can enhance your business.

The Benefits of Automatic and Semi-Automatic Drum Filling Systems

They are so many benefits to using semi-automatic or automatic drum and tote filling machines. For instance, they are more efficient, more accurate, and much more productive than manual fillers. They also prevent over-filling and under-filling of containers. Liquid filling machines allow for quality and consistency of your product and will reduce your overall operating costs.

1. Drum and tote filling machines are more efficient than manual filling processes.

Automatic and semi-automatic drum fillers are much faster and more accurate than manual filling. And, if you opt for an automatic drum filling system, these machines will improve fill-weight accuracy and work continuously with minimal downtimes, which will dramatically improve your production.

2. Automatic and semi-automatic filling machines can prevent overfilling and under-filling of drums.

One of the major benefits of using a fill-by-weight drum filling system is the prevention of overfilling and under-filling , which can cost your business money and customers. For instance, filling 55 gallon drums, let’s say you overfill 200 drums per day with a product value of $1.00 per pound. You will have an annual loss of $52,000. Likewise, if you under-fill by one pound per drum, you’ll be overcharging customers by the same amount every year.

3. Drum and tote filling systems ensure operator safety.

Drum and tote filling machines can be provided with a fume collection system or a drum filler can be built within a custom made fume booth. Likewise, filling machines are built with anti-static and explosion proof controls as well as anti-corrosive components to resist acids. There is no reason why operators should have to be exposed to dangerous chemicals.

4. Filling four drums simultaneously will quadruple production.

Filling 55 gallon drums can be done at a rate of sixty drums per hour, but when you fill four drums simultaneously your production actually doubles and doubles again. Specialty Equipment Company has created a liquid filling machine that can actually fill four, 55 gallon drums, in one minute.

Specialty Equipment’s Automatic and Semi-Automatic Drum Filling Systems

We are the leading manufacturer of American made drum filling, conveying and palletizing systems, and we have a wide range of both automatic and semi-automatic drum, tote and pail fillers to suit your needs . So, if you want to increase production, improve efficiencies, and reduce downtime, Build a filling system today! Request a Quote. Or give us a call at (833) 467-3432.


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