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DF-5540 stand-alone

Fillers As A Service Today

At Specialty Equipment, our FaaST solution is the new way for companies to acquire high-quality, rugged packaging equipment through a monthly subscription.

CapEx vs. OpEx

Capital Expenditure made sense for companies because equipment would become a company asset, paying for itself overtime. However, companies would struggle with raising the necessary capital to receive the equipment they needed to fulfill their requirements.

When companies transition to an Operating Expense model, not only do they avoid the large capital expense, it allows them to improve financial forecasting and build collaborative relationships with customers.


Large upfront cash is required

Long,drawn out development process

Error-prone budget forecasting

Listed as property/equipment

Asset depreciates over time


No upfront investment

Easier budget approval process

Improved financial forecasting

Listed as operating expense

What You Get With FaaST

The Equipment

Palletized Drum & IBC / Tote Filler is our most versatile and widely accepted filling machine.

The Service

Our Preventive Maintenance Annual Contract (P.M.A.C.) includes our two 25-point inspections per year to extend the life of your equipment.

IoT Enabled

Drum Filler In The Cloud is our IoT solution that allows you to monitor your filling operations in real time.

The Benefits of FaaST

improve budget icon

Improve Budgeting & Budget Forecasting

improve production time icon

Improve Production Times

improve operations icon

Improve Overall Operations

reduce time icon

Reduce Equipment Lead Times

FaaST Options

FaaST is the ideal program for businesses who are looking for industrial packaging equipment becomes an operating expense, reducing large capital expenses.


DF 5540 stand-alone

Option A: FaaS Stand-Alone Filler

With this option, you’ll receive the DF-5540 as a stand alone filler. Standard and explosion proof options available.

DF 5540 filler

Option B: FaaS Filler With Conveying System

This option applies to companies who want both the filing system and a conveying system. Standard and explosion proof options available.


Twin DF 5540 fillers

Option C: Custom Option

This option applies when you need to expand on the system, or require multiple units. Made to order.