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Preventive Maintenance Annual Contract [P.M.A.C]

At Specialty Equipment, we offer a Preventative Maintenance Annual Contract, or P.M.A.C. that allows you to schedule two preventative maintenance visits by experienced technicians to extend the life of your filling system.

P.M.A.C. Benefits

Our technicians will be on site to inspect, adjust, and repair the filling system and associated conveyors twice during the year. These inspections will:

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Reduce Machine Downtime

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Maintain Cost Expectations

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Reduce Unexpected Repairs

Our 25 Point Inspection

Our certified technicians will cover a 25-point inspection and provide a detailed report. The inspection includes:

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  • Certified scale inspection & calibration
  • Inspect filling lances
  • Replace gaskets and o-rings
  • Adjust inlet lines
  • Clean filters, regulators and lubricators
  • Check hydraulic pump cylinder and hose
  • Inspect conveyor rollers and belts
  • Inspect bearings, sprockets and chains
  • Inspect gearmotors
  • Lubricate chains, belts, bearings, sprockets & chains
  • ...and more!

We offer a variety of Maintenance Schedule Options

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  • Plan A: Semi Annual
  • Plan B: Quarterly
  • Plan C: Monthly

Contact our office for your quote and scheduling options.