Flavors & Fragrances

Our high quality liquid filling machines are in demand because customers insist on rugged and reliable equipment. We build the stoutest fillers, because no one running expensive products like flavors and fragrances can afford downtime from a valuable liquid filler. We are now filling drums and totes with food flavoring, scented oils, lemon extracts, mints, air fresheners, odor eliminators, artificial flavoring, esters, amines and lactones.

Bag-In-Box Filler


This application is filling food flavoring into a bulk box with a 220 gallon plastic bag inside. The filler is another model DF-5540, modified to suit several unique containers. The bag inside the corrugated box has a two inch diameter throat for a bung opening. The filling lance enters the throat then automatically tares the weight and begins the sub-surface filling cycle. The foot valve at the end of the lance is made special to allow the liquid to flow like a faucet, rather than a shower. This limits the foaming and removes the wrinkles in the bag while filling. Without the special valves and flow control, the bag could collapse inside the box. The infeed conveyor is gravity with an air-operated escapement. The scale and discharge conveyor are powered.

Sanitary Drum Filler


This application is filling flavoring into 55 gallon drums. This stand-alone, top-fill, drum filler has sanitary components with an epoxy coated frame. It is for a batch operation, and although it is filling an expensive flavoring, it did not justify drum conveyors before and after the filler. A fork truck loads and unloads the filling machine, gently. This is not a standard filler; it is a stripped-down version of our model DF-5511 drum filler. It does, however, include all the software and built-in safety devices.

Drum & TOTE Filler


This application is filling flavoring into 55 gallon drums and 220 gallon totes. This filling system is built for a production operation. The tote is there for demonstration purposes. It is a semi-automatic, sub-surface filler with the ability to raise and lower the lance boom down to 20” container height and up to 80” tall container height. The standard scale base is a NTEP approved, 5,000lb unit with complementary weight meter. The infeed and pick-up conveyors are not shown. The entire system, including the operator platform, was built in our Houston, Texas plant.

U-Line Drum Filling System


This application is filling artificial flavoring into 55 gallon drums. It is a semi-automatic, sub-surface u-line configuration filling system where the pallet of drums is loaded on one side and unloaded on the other, parallel side, adjacent to an aisle. The 90 degree transfer conveyors use air bags to raise and lower chain conveyors built within the roller conveyors. The total floor space used is 20’ long x 20’ wide, allowing for eight pallet loads, or IBC’s.

Dual-Lance, Drum Filler


A special flavoring liquid will be filled into 55 gallon drums and 550 gallon totes with this filling application. This special, model DF-5540 drum and tote filler, is loaded with accessories and built for a production run, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Since the liquid is somewhat corrosive, there are two Kynar lances, each with two infeed ball valves. This is a sub-surface filler which means it can also fill smaller containers as well, down to 20” overall height. A pivoting bung removal station is mounted before the filler and a bung and capping station is built after the filling station. Only one lance is used during the filling cycle. Two lances are provided to avoid change-over when another product is to be filled.

Mobile Pail FILLER


This application is for filling a rare fragrance additive into 5 gallon pails. It is a mobile filler, moved around the plant floor for batch operations, ruggedly built with casters and foot locks. A lawnmower type bar is welded to the back side for the operator to apply 20lbs of inertia to move this filler. This top-fill machine has an air cylinder to raise and lower the lance and twopneumatic ball valves to prevent product hammering in the line. The scale and weight meter are NTEP approved, Rice Lake load cells.

Stand-Alone Palletized Drum Filler

This application is for filling combustible liquids into 55 gallon drums mounted on a pallet, as well as 220 gallon totes. This is for a low volume, batch operation, so the normal infeed and discharge conveyors are not justifiable. It is a sub-surface filler with the ability to raise and lower the boom carriage for filling a variety of containers from 20” to 80” tall. It is also rated for class 1, division 1 area. The platform scale is a Rice Lake, 5,000lb capacity with NTEP approved weight meter. If expansion is necessary, conveyors can be retrofitted in the future.

Collapsible Container Filling


This is another bag-in-a box filling application. This one is filling scented oils into a collapsible bin with a plastic bag inside. The system includes a special spreader bar we built, placed across the width of the container to hold it open during the fill cycle. Like the filling machine above, the foot valve at the lance is special to allow liquid to flow like a faucet, rather than a shower, to remove the wrinkles in the bag while filling. Otherwise, the bag could collapse. The spreader bar also has a cam lock clamp to hold and lock the throat of the bag, creating a seal while avoiding contamination. The infeed conveyor and the scale conveyor are powered and both reversing. This allows use in limited space. The infeed then becomes the pick-up station as well.

Drum Filler, Mobile Bung Station


This application is for manual bunging and capping after the filling operation. It is simply a bung station on wheels, used for batch operations at various drum filling stations in the customer’s plant. The assembly is made from welded structural steel with a square tubing manifold fitted with four air connections. Compressed air is forced into the manifold, so the operator can hook-up any pneumatic tool desired.