specialty equipment product tigris automatic bottle capping machinespecialty equipment product tigris automatic bottle capping machine

Tigris Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

This is a fully automatic bottle filling capping machine is well-suited for small batches capping 2 oz up to 2.5 gallon bottles.

Product Details: Tigris Capping Machine

Capacity: 50ml – 10L; 2 oz – 2.5 Gallons

Container: 50ml bottles up to gallon bottles and F-style jugs

Rate: up to 22 caps per minute

Material: Stainless steel frame, glass doors and panels

Option: Integrated cap sorter and elevator



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This Snyders model bottle capping machine is perfect for small batches. It features a simple bottle clamp that securely holds bottles during the cap-tightening process. Quick adjustment times ensure felixble deployment, and the integrated cap elevator contributes to the system’s compact design and user-friendly operation.