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Our Story

Since 1969, Specialty Equipment Corporation has positioned itself as the lead manufacturer of American-made packaging systems.

We have built our reputation on manufacturing high end packaging machinery and material handling systems including liquid fillers, custom dry solid fillers, drum and pallet conveyors, palletizers, and IIoT software.


Our Brand

Over 50 years, Specialty Equipment has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, rugged equipment, and our brand has evolved along with our reputation.

Now, we continue to provide high-quality packaging systems to fortune 500 companies and have developed an intuitive software to improve the filling operations for companies of all sizes.


Meet Kevin & Tom


Kevin Calelly
Specialty Equipment
Voice: 713-467-1818
Fax: 713-467-9130
1221 Adkins Rd

Houston, TX 77055

United States


Learn More About Our Palletized Drum & IBC / Tote Filler


See Our Portable Pail Filler [Stainless] In Action


Our Equipment

The Leading Manufacturer of American Made Drum Filling, Conveying and Palletizing Systems:

  • Filling systems from 1 to 550 gallon containers
  • Drum Fillers, Bin Fillers, IBC Fillers and Pail Fillers
  • All types of liquids including foaming, flammable, corrosive and toxic


Our Programs


Our FaaST program is the new way for companies to acquire high-quality, rugged packaging equipment through a monthly subscription.FaaST is the ideal program for businesses who are looking for industrial packaging equipment becomes an operating expense, reducing large capital expenses.


At Specialty Equipment, we offer a Preventative Maintenance Annual Contract, or P.M.A.C. that allows you to schedule two preventative maintenance visits by experienced technicians to extend the life of your filling system.


Drum Filler In The Cloud

A cloud-based data analytics solution for your drum, pail, and tote filling operations. Access your filling data across all locations in real-time. 

Uptime, minimizing operating costs, and increasing operational efficiencies are critical to improving your bottom line. With Drum Filler In The Cloud, you’ll be able to pinpoint opportunities to maximize your gross margin return on inventory.


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Drawing will be held the first week of December.

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Specialty Equipment Video Library

Portable Drum and Tote Filler Video

Portable Drum & Tote Filler [2:41]

Portable Pail Filler Video

Portable Pail Filler [1:36]

Flush Lance Adapter Video

Flush Lance Adapter [1:01]


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