Air Operated Lid PressAir Operated Lid Press

Air Operated Lid Press

Product Details: Item No. 201

Rate: 4 pails per minute

Container: 4 to 7 gallon pails

Material: Carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel construction


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This is a handy item to assure your operators are safe when putting plastic lids onto open-mouth pails. It also speeds up the process and prevents damage to pails and lids. The item shown is a semi-automatic, air operated lid press, model ALP-500, adjustable for 4 to 7 gallon pails. It is usually mounted onto a conveyor frame, but can be built as a stand alone, floor mounted machine. The conveyor at the lid press station can be a powered roller, gravity roller, chain, or a belt conveyor. The conveyor is not included, but can be quoted as an option.

Description of Operation

This air-operated device is OSHA compliant.

  • The operator will pull a pail, or it will be conveyed to the lid station
  • The operator will place a plastic lid onto the pail
  • The operator must press both, the left hand and the right hand buttons
  • When both buttons are pressed, the platen will lower to the pail
  • The amount of air pressure is determined by the container size and lid type
  • The air cylinder will apply the necessary pressure to seal the lid to the pail
  • When the pressure is reached, the platen will automatically retract
  • The pail is then discharged by the operator

Technical Specifications

This is a semi-automatic machine that meets OSHA standards

  • This is an air operated machine
  • Can be retrofitted, bolted or weld to a conveyor
  • It uses an 8″ air cylinder with an 8″ stroke
  • An air pressure gauge is included
  • Two push button stations are mounted
  • All OSHA compliant safety included
  • The platen is a steel plate made to suit
  • Structural steel, welded stanchion
  • Requires a 30 psi air connection
  • Normal cycle rate is 4 pails per minute