Specialty Equipment Ready-to-Ship

Specialty Equipment Ready to Ship™

Ready to Ship™ Program is Specialty Equipment’s newest way to acquiring equipment quickly. As many packaging companies know, pushing to the front of the line of a specific project creates a competitive advantage. With our Ready to Ship™ program, you can produce and package products in just one month.

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Ready to Ship™

We have three different liquid filling solutions that are ready to be crated, loaded, and delivered to your business. Learn more about these three units to find which solution is the best for your requirement. 

Want to see how quickly you can get to your goals with Ready to Ship™?

Fill out the prompts below and we will provide the timeline to your goal. How much money can you make packaging today vs starting in 6 months?

Results above are calculated by multiplying the product cost per pound by:
Pounds per drum * Drums per day
Pounds per drum * Drums per day * 5 Days per week 
Pounds per drum * Drums per day * 4.33 Weeks per month
Pounds per drum * Drums per day * 12 Months per year