specialty equipment scaldis automatic bottle filling systemspecialty equipment scaldis automatic bottle filling system

Automatic Servo-Driven Bottle Filling System (Piston up to 6000 bottles/hour)

This is a fully automatic bottle filling system built to operate 24/7 filling liquids into 50ml bottles up to gallon bottles and F-style jugs.

Product Details: Item: SimplyFILL™ Scaldis-F

Capacity: 50ml – 10L; 2 oz – 3 Gallons

Rate: up to 6000 bottles per hour depending on the viscosity of the liquid

Container: 50ml bottles up to gallon bottles and F-style jugs

Filling Heads: 4-14

Material: Stainless steel construction all wetted parts use 316 stainless steel


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This SimplyFILL™ model is a rugged, fully-automatic bottle filling machine designed to fill up to 6000 bottles per hour. It can also easily convert to fill a variety of bottle sizes or jerrycans. Our hygienic bottle filling machine is ideal for the following product lines: personal healthcare/beauty, lubricants, oils, and cleaning products.

Description of Operation

Empty bottles are placed on the infeed conveyor/accumulation table and accumulate to an automatic escapement. The escapement device is used to hold back a series of bottles until the filling machine calls for the bottles to advance. The set of bottles then advance to the filling lances where they are automatically stopped under the filling lance; the lance then travels to the bottom of the bottles to control foaming. The flow meter then dispenses the desired amount of liquid through the filling lance, keeping the lance just under or above the level of the liquid in the bottle. Once filling is complete, the lances rise to home position where a drip pan device catches any remaining liquid. The bottles are then conveyed out of the filler to an optional capping machine, case packer, palletizer and full pallet accumulation conveyor.

Technical Specifications

This automatic liquid bottle filling machine is sub-surface filler for 4 to 14 bottles from 2 oz to 2.5 gallons.

  • Lance and all other wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
  • Linear filling machine for liquid and viscous products
  • Accurate, fast, flexible and silent
  • All filling movements are servo driven
  • Fast product change over with integrated CIP mode
  • Product adapted dosing techniques
  • Esthetic design complies with most actual hygienic requirements for both internal and external parts
  • Simplified operator panels with easy to understand graphics

Additional information


Stationary – Floor mounted

Fume Booth


Conveyor System For Empty And Full Containers


Infeed Conveyor


Filler Conveyor


Outfeed Conveyor


Foaming Product


Sub-surface Filling (for foaming products)


Sub-surface Filling Technology


Piston / Volume Adjustment


Automation Type

Automatic – Machine positions container to lance

Product Temperature


Container Type (Standard)


Container Type (Optional)

Drum-Plastic, Drum-Steel, Quarts

Fill Heads (Standard)

4 Fill Head

Fill Heads (Optional)

1 Fill Head, 2 Fill Head, 3 Fill Head

Classification for Explosive / Flammable Environments (Standard)


Classification for Explosive / Flammable Environments (Optional)

Class I – Div I, Class I – Div II

Filling area (within the machine) Explosion Proof


Machine In Zone 2


Site Conditions (Standard)

Industrial Standard

Site Conditions (Optional)

Corrosive Environment, Food Grade, Outdoor, Requires Washdown

Site Conditions (Wash Down)


Frame Construction / Coating (Standard)

Carbon Steel Enamel

Frame Construction / Coating (Optional)

Carbon Steel Epoxy, Stainless 304, Stainless 316

Product - Wetted Parts (Standard)

Standard 316

Product - Wetted Parts (Optional)

Corrosive / Caustic, Food Grade

Product Viscosity Handling (Standard)

0-2,500 CPS (Water to Maple Syrup), 10,000 CPS (Honey), 100,000 CPS (Toothpaste), 50,000 CPS (Ketchup)

Product Viscosity Handling (Optional)

250,000 CPS (Peanut Butter)

Inline - Rotary




Checkweigher to Validate and Maintain / Correct Product Filling Weight


Filling Principle (Volumetric/Flow/Weight/Peristaltic Pump)

Volumetric / Peristaltic

Peristaltic Pump Dosing