Item No. 50

Stainless, Drum & Tote Filler

Product Description

This filler system was built for a food grade application, subject to wash down. It is a model DF-5540, all-stainless steel drum, bin and tote filler. The machine operates as a top and sub-surface filler, which allows a group of drums, a pallet of drums, a single tote, or a collapsible bin to be filled. An inner mast within the filler stanchion rises up and down to adjust the boom and filling lance to the height of the containers to be filled, which ranges from 5 to 550 gallon, or 20″ to 80″ tall. All the wetted parts comply with sanitary conditions and specs. A special, horizontal Lexan shield is provided to protect the operator from splash back. All the necessary controls to operate the filler and scale conveyor are on the handle in front of the operator. The other conveyors are run by photo eye recognition of loads.

In this application the operator will also fill a collapsible container. To accommodate the flexible bin, a spreader bar with a cam-lock clamp is provided. The aluminum bar is placed across the width of the collapsible container to keep the sides upright during the filling operation, and also to hold the throat of the plastic bag in place during the fill cycle.

The video shows a standard filling operation. A concept drawing of a sample straight-line filling system is shown below.

Description of Operation

  • This is a model DF-5540, a top-fill and sub-surface drum & tote filling machine
  • When a full load is discharged, a new load of empties conveys to the fill station and stops automatically.
  • The operator presses a button to release the boom to guide the lance to the bung opening of any drum he chooses.
  • The operator releases the button and the boom is automatically locked in place.
  • By pressing the start button on the operator handle, the lance travels to the bottom of the drum.
  • The machine will automatically zero the tare weight before the fill cycle begins
  • The filler has three speeds, slow/fast/slow, if needed
  • If filling a foaming product, the fill cycle will start on slow fill
  • When the liquid reaches the tip of the lance, the machine automatically shifts into fast fill.
  • Near the top, the machine cycles to slow, or shot speed, to top off the container and minimize foaming.
  • When filled, the lance automatically retracts to its home position.
  • The operator presses the button on the handle again to release the boom and guide the lance to the next drum.
  • This machine will fill a 55 gallon drum with water in 45 seconds at 80 gallons per minute product flow

Product Specifications

  • This is a model DF-5540, sub-surface and a top-filling machine
  • Lance and all other wetted parts are 316 stainless
  • All wetted parts meet sanitary, food grade conditions
  • Two infeed full-port ball valves prevent product hammering
  • Scale is a 5,000 lb capacity platform type
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC with a 250 product menu
  • Touch screen is an Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • The filler has a three filling speeds; slow/fast/shot, if needed
  • Air operated drip pan with a UHMW wiper ring
  • Built in fume hood at the lance for vapor collection
  • Air cylinder to raise and lower the fill lance
  • Heavy duty brakes for boom position locking
  • NTEP approved scale and weight meter
  • NEMA 4 standard enclosure, others optional
  • RS-232 port for optional data acquisition & printer connection
  • Automatically will zero tare the weight before filling container
  • Operator troubleshooting interface with prompts
  • Automatic abort if lance is not aligned with bung opening
  • Rugged, all-welded stainless steel construction
  • This machine will fill a 55 gallon drum with water in 45 seconds at 80 gallons per minute product flow

Product Accessories

  • Additional conveyors
  • Sampling valve
  • Lance rack
  • Lance flush adapter
  • Spare lance assembly
  • Fume skirt
  • Kynar lance for corrosives
  • Type X or Z purge
  • Nitrogen purging system

Additional Equipment Available

  • Single drum fillers
  • Quad drum fillers
  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Portable drum fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors & transfers
  • Turntables & Transfer cars
  • Pallet dispensers & collector
  • Drum & pail palletizers
  • Custom handling equipment

Concept Drawing