Item No. 124

Stainless Pail Filler – Stand Alone

Product Description

For our customers in the cleaning, food, flavors, and chemical industries, we offer a full line of all-stainless, drum, pail and tote fillers. This one is  labeled model SPF-510. It is a stand-alone, semi–automatic, pail filling machine typically used for batch filling operation, or low volume applications. It is designed to fill 4 to 7 gallon jugs, pails, or containers up to 19″ tall. It will typically use a 3/4″ diameter lance for small bung openings, up to a 1.9″ diameter lance for open mouth pails. Of course, the choice of lance diameters depends on the bung opening of the containers to be filled. Customers often purchase several sizes of our quick-change lances.

Since it is all stainless steel construction, this filler satisfies normal sanitary conditions, because all wetted parts are rated for food grade, sanitary spec. It is both a top and sub-surface pail filling machine, designed to fill at a rate of four to six jugs per minute, depending on the size and type of container. The operator will simply move the pail onto the scale and align the bung opening under the lance. Once he presses the start button, the rest is automatic like, auto tare weight, fill to designated weight, retract, and catch any remnants.

Description of Operation

  • This is an all-stainless model SPF-510, stand-alone pail filling machine
  • It is both a top-fill and a sub-surface filler to control foaming
  • The filler can accommodate 4 gallon to 7 gallon containers, up to 19″ tall
  • Empty containers are placed onto the scale surface
  • The operator aligns the bung opening under the lance and presses start
  • The lance will insert to the bottom of the container when in sub-surface mode
  • The controller will zero the tare weight before the fill cycle begins
  • The filler has three speed; slow/fast/slow, if needed
  • After the fill cycle, the lance will rise to its home position
  • An air operated drip pan moves into place to catch any residue

Product Specifications

  • This is a model SPF-510, stand-alone pail filler
  • The entire machine is stainless steel construction
  • This is both a top-fill and a sub-surface filler
  • Lance and all wetted parts are 316 sanitary spec
  • Three speed fill cycle; slow/fast/shot, if needed
  • Tw0 full-port ball valves prevent hammering
  • A 200 lb/100 kg capacity scale
  • Scale accuracy +/- 0.05 lbs on 3 sigma curve
  • NTEP approved scale & weight meter
  • All controls enclosed in a stainless steel panel
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen is Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • Air cylinder raises & lowers the lance
  • Pneumatically operated drip pan
  • Safety interlock, no container, no fill
  • Auto abort, lance crash protection
  • Welded stainless steel stanchion
  • Rate for 5 gallon pail of water is 4 pails per minute

Product Accessories

  • Infeed & discharge conveyor
  • Extra filling lance
  • Smaller diameter filling lance
  • Kynar lance for corrosives
  • Nitrogen container purge system
  • Retractable fume skirt
  • Lance flush adapter
  • Lance rack
  • Filling data printout

Additional Equipment Available

  • Stainless drum fillers
  • Stainless tote fillers
  • Stainless pail fill systems
  • Fume booth fillers
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Chain conveyors & transfers
  • Custom handling equipment