Item No. 122

Portable Pail Filler

Product Description

This is different than the mobile pail filler (item 114) in that this movable filler requires a fork truck, or a pallet jack to move it from station to station. This is a model PPF-510, a top and sub-surface pail filling machine for 4 to 7 gallon pails, or other containers up to 19″ tall. It was designed for batch operations, or low volume pail filling runs. It will typically use a 3/4″ diameter lance for small bung openings, up to a 1.9″ diameter lance for open mouth pails. Of course, the choice of lance diameters depends on the bung opening of the containers to be filled. Customers often purchase several sizes of our quick-change lances.

Once the machine has been moved into place, the operator will hook-up the compressed air line, the infeed product line, and plug in the power cord. The controls to operate the filler are on the handle in front of the operator. Since this filler has a solid base, it is more stable to maintain scale tolerance. The photo above also shows the optional, clean-in-place lance flush adapter, along with a portable air operated lid press, (Item 201) which is also optional. They are shown here to help define this one-of-a-kind filling application.

All the fillers and conveyors are built with structural steel components, with the stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

      • This is a model PPF-510, top and sub-surface, portable pail filler
      • It is designed for filling 4 to 7 gallon containers
      • A fork truck or pallet jack moves the filler into position on a plant floor
      • A wall plug is usually provided for connection to a power source
      • A quick-connect air line is also provided
      • The product infeed line, (not included) will need to be hooked-up
      • The operator places an open pail, or aligns a bung opening under the lance
      • By pressing start, the lance automatically travels into the container
      • The machine will automatically zero the tare weight before the fill cycle begins
      • The filling cycle has three speeds; slow/fast/slow, if needed
      • The lance retracts automatically ending the filling cycle
      • Containers are manually moved on and off the filling station.
      • The air operated lid press is also portable and optional

Product Specifications

  • This is a model PPF-510, portable pail filling machine
  • It is both a top-fill and a sub-surface filling machine
  • Lance and all other wetted parts are 316 stainless steel
  • Filler has a three speed fill cycle; slow/fast/shot, if needed
  • Twin, full-port ball valves prevent hammering
  • A 200 lb/100 kg capacity scale
  • Scale accuracy +/- 0.05 lbs on 3 sigma curve
  • NTEP approved scale & weight meter
  • All controls enclosed in a NEMA 4 panel
  • Allen Bradley PLC controller with 250 product menu
  • Touch screen is an Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • Air cylinder raises & lowers the lance
  • Pneumatically operated drip pan
  • Safety interlock, no container, no fill
  • Auto abort, lance crash protection
  • 21″ long gravity roller conveyor on scale
  • 15″ long gravity conveyor before the scale
  • Structural steel, all-welded construction
  • Rectangular tubing with cut-outs for fork access
  • This is a fork-truck-able moved machine
  • Cable and wall plug are not included
  • Portable air operated lid press is optional

Product Accessories

  • Spare lance assembly
  • Kynar lance for corrosives
  • Type X or Z purge
  • NEMA 7 or 4X enclosures
  • Nitrogen purging system
  • Lance flush adapter
  • Manual container grounding

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  • Mobile pail fillers
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  • Automatic twin head pail filler
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