Item No. 204

Drum Lid Press

Product Description

This is a custom made system, designed to press and hold two sealed lids of 55 gallon drums in place while rings are clamped and sealed over each drum. The watertight thick seal made it impossible for any operator to manually hold down each lid, so the machine was created to do it for him. In fact, this two man job became a one man operation after the machine was installed.

A pallet with four drums conveys to a designated position and an operator places two lids with snap-rings onto them. These lids have rubber seals and require a certain amount of pressure to hold them down while the operator clamps on the rings. When the first two drums are sealed, the pallet advances two feet and the cycle repeats.

Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • A pallet loaded with four 55 gallon drums moves into position
  • A signal is sent to stop the conveyor allowing two drums under the bridge above.
  • If necessary, an operator jog button is available
  • An operator places a lid with a thick seal on top of two open-mouth drums
  • The operator then presses a button to activate the twin lid press
  • Pressure on the lids is applied, preset by the operator
  • The operator will place the clamps onto both drums then press the button
  • The conveyor will start driving the pallet two feet further then stop
  • The operation repeats for the second set of drums
  • When completed the operator presses the discharge button.

Product Specifications

  • The surface conveyor is chain driven live roller type
  • Frames are 6″ x 8.2 lb/ft structural channels
  • Rollers are 2.5″ dia. on 5″ centers at 750 lbs capacity
  • Supports are structural channels welded to the frames
  • Drive is 1/2 HP gear motor for 30 FPM speed
  • Tower is built with structural square tubing
  • Two air cylinders are used to hold down lids
  • Each cylinder has a round platen to match the lid

Additional Equipment Available

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