Item No. 701

Hazardous Drum Filling

Product Description

This custom-made, dry solids filling system was built to automatically fill 55 gallon open-mouth drums with highly combustible powder. At the fill station a robot arm with suction cups shuttles to the drum to remove and hold the lid then shuttles back. Before filling, a special dust cover lowers over the open-mouth drum to seal it for dust collection during the filling cycle.

The drum is rotated for labeling before it enters the first air lock. Once inside, a guillotine door closes to seal it in. The dust collection vents and windows are on the back side of the system. A full cover attached to the fill spout has a port for connecting to a dust collection system.

The fully automatic all-stainless steel system includes; a drum rotator at the labeling and infeed station, an air lock prior to the filler, the filler and lid removal/replacement robotic device, an air lock after the filler, a wash down watering system, special baffles and vents, explosion proof controls, all powered conveyors, pneumatic drum positioning devices, four guillotine doors, two maintenance doors, and six plastic see-through windows.

Product Specifications

  • This is a custom-made, automatic, dry solids drum filling operation
  • There is a drum rotator at the entry point for labeling each drum
  • An air lock is built prior to entering the filling booth
  • An air operated guillotine door is built at the entry and discharge points
  • A shuttle device is built above the drum filling station
  • A set of vacuum cups hangs from the shuttle device
  • A pneumatic drum positioning devices is located at the filling station
  • An air operated dust cover is lowered over the open mouth drum
  • A dust collection system is built within the booth
  • An emergency, water wash-down system is built inside the booth
  • There are special baffles and vents strategically located on the booth
  • All controls are rated for explosion proof classification
  • There are a total of four guillotine doors, all air operated
  • All the conveyors are powered live roller with explosion proof drives
  • Two access doors are provided for maintenance of the equipment
  • There are six plastic, see-through windows on the sides and front
  • This is an all-stainless steel, one piece system on a welded superstructure frame