Item No. 149

Gravity Pallet Transfer

Product Description

This is another custom made conveyor by Specialty Equipment. The picture only shows half of the operation. The other half is the conveyor that receives the pallet that will be transferred. In application, this device can be used in a U-line, or a Z-line configuration after the load has been transferred. The objective is to transfer and maintain orientation of the pallet in use.

This simple device requires an operator at the station to step on the pedal to activate a set of air bags that will inflate to lift a load off the wide roller conveyor, allowing the pallet to freely gravitate over the two lanes of short rollers, onto a waiting conveyor or platform.

Specialty makes all its industrial conveyors with structural steel where the frames and supports are welded together, creating a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • This device will handle 2,000 lb stable pallet loads
  • The application calls for maintaining pallet orientation
  • The pallet arrives on the full width rollers.
  • The operator hits a foot switch and an air operated device raises the short roller assembly
  • The short roll assembly lifts and tilts the load
  • The load flows freely onto another conveyor at 90 degrees.
  • If the receiving conveyor is a similar transfer, it will lower the load .
  • The next conveyor will then allow the pallet to move to its next destination.

Product Specifications

  • Infeed conveyor is 51″ between frames
  • Rollers are 2.5″ diameter on 4″ centers
  • Transfer conveyor has two lanes of rollers
  • Transfer rolls  are 5″ between frames
  • 5″ wide rolls are on 4″ centers
  • Capacity is 600 lbs each roller.
  • Heavy duty air bags raise and lower one end
  • Pivoting assembly on opposite end
  • Handles up to 6 pallets per minute
  • Foot operated floor switch included
  • All welded structural steel construction
  • Shipped assembled, fully piped and tested

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