Item No. 801

Fume Booth Drum Filler

Product Description

When filling hazardous chemicals, a fume booth allows the most amount of operator safety, because it shields operators from toxic fume, corrosive and flammable chemicals. This custom made filler-in-a- fume booth, is unique because is has all the bells and whistles. It was designed for a chemical company to fill small batches of hot, viscous, and toxic liquids into twenty gallon, open-top fiber drums. The fill lance is heated to 275 degrees to allow the viscous liquid to flow smoothly through the valves and lance.The filling rate is one drum per half hour, because of the very slow product feed rate. The normal fill rate of water is one drum every 25 seconds.

The single drum filler in a fume booth is custom made and comes equipped with; (1) an electric heat-traced jacket covering the infeed manifold, valves and lance, (2) special made Hastelloy lance and valves, (3) two pneumatic sliding doors, (4) an air-operated hood to seal the drum and prevent splash-back, (5) plastic see-through windows on all sides, (6) a special light inside the booth, (7) powered conveyors in and out, (8) a pull-out overflow pan, and (9) thermal gloves for the operator. The system also has an electrical rating of class 1, division 1, groups C & D.

Description of Operation

  • This is a custom-made filler in a fume booth for a top-fill operation of 20 gallon fiber drums
  • The operator presses a button on the booth to allow the door to open and the conveyor to start
  • An empty drum conveys into the fill station and stops upon contact with a photo eye
  • The entry pneumatic door automatically closes upon a signal that the drum has arrived
  • The operator presses the start on the front panel to begin the fill cycle
  • An air operated, special round hood lowers over the mouth of the drum and sides
  • The controller automatically zeros the tare weight before beginning of fill cycle
  • When filling is complete, the air cylinder of the lance retracts to its home position
  • The air operated special hood also retracts to its home position
  • Using the thermal gloves, the operator places then seals a lid on the drum
  • By push button, the pneumatic exit door opens and the powered conveyor starts up.
  • The sealed container conveys forward to the labeling station and stops
  • The pneumatic door closes and the operator calls for another drum
  • The cycle then repeats

Product Specifications

  • This is a custom made, top-fill operation
  • Both valves & the lance are made from Hastelloy
  • Electric heat jacketed lance & manifold
  • Heat jackets are thermostat controlled
  • Platform scale is 1,000 lb capacity
  • Controller is an Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen, Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • NTEP approved scale and weight meter
  • NEMA 7 panel rated class 1, div 1.
  • Air cylinder raises and lowers the lance
  • Automatic zero of tare weight before filler starts
  • A 20 gallon pull-out sealed overflow pan
  • Louvered panels built into the walls of the frame
  • A/O full cover drum hood to prevent splash-back
  • Infeed & discharge conveyors with air motors
  • Thermal gloves for the operator
  • Windows on top, sides and front
  • Air-operated, slide-back entry and exit doors
  • Adjustable-position plate for inlet ventilation
  • Maintenance access doors
  • Enclosed light with see-through panel
  • Special exhaust connection inside booth

Product Accessories

  • Additional conveyors
  • Spare lance
  • Sampling valves
  • Flush adapters
  • Lance racks
  • Nitrogen purge
  • Filling data printout
  • Bung & capping station

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