Item No. 412

Full Drum Rotator

Product Description

A full drum rotator might be used in a labeling operation, an inspection station, or in this case, to orient the label to the outside left, or the outside right, for a palletizing operation. The customer required labels to be in clear view when looking at the wrapped pallet load. This type of rotator is used with any drum filler. It can be built to handle 30 to 80 gallon poly, fiber and steel drums. The capacity is a 1,000 lb drum. The cycle rate is one drum every 35 seconds.

This rotator is made from two separately driven powered roller conveyors that run in opposite directions during the rotation. The drum is conveyed into the center of the split lane conveyors. A tire then moves into position with guide wheels on the opposite side to capture the drum. One conveyor drives forward while the other conveyor drives in reverse, rotating the drum. The tire and wheels guide and stabilize the drum. When finished, the tire and wheels retract then both conveyors drive forward again to send the drum out.

Specialty Equipment manufacturers the highest quality drum rotators, pallet dispensers, conveyors, and fillers, and all carry a well known reputation for rugged, long lasting construction.

Description of Operation

  • This full drum rotator is made from two separately driven powered roller conveyors
  • Each conveyor runs forward and one runs in reverse during the rotation cycle
  • Both conveyors run in the same direction when the drum enters and exits
  • Upon arrival a rubber tire moves in on one side
  • A cradle of idler wheels clamp the opposite side of the drum
  • The rollers run in opposite directions to rotate the drum.
  • When completed at 90, or 180 degrees, rotation stops
  • The tire and wheels retract to the home position
  • Both conveyors start up running forward.
  • The drum leaves the station and another drives in.

Product Specifications

  • Rotator handles 30 to 80 gallon steel, fiber, or poly drums.
  • Powered conveyors are chain driven live roller type
  • Each conveyor is driven by a 1/2 HP gear motor
  • The rollers are hardened to handle steel drums
  • Rollers are all 2.5″ dia. at 750 lbs capacity each
  • Pneumatic tire rotates & guides the drum
  • Four wheel cradle captures the opposite side
  • Air cylinder pulls the tire and cradle into position
  • Rotation cycle takes 35 seconds for a 55 gallon drum

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