Item No. 206

On-the-Fly Lid Press

Product Description

An automatic lid press doesn’t have to be a stop and go operation. There’s no need to slow down production when lids can be pressed onto pails while being conveyed to the next operation. The lid press above rolls the lid onto the pail as it passes through a tunnel with a conveyor above and below. An operator is only required to place the lid onto each pail in transit. The angled top powered conveyor rolls the lid down, (kneads) and seals it before it comes out the other end. The upper conveyor can be raised or lowered three inches. The standard unit shown above will press the lids onto 4 gallon to 7 gallon conveyable pails. The rate is 50 pails per minute.

Both conveyor speeds are synchronized to match the infeed and discharge rates of the filling machine. The on-the-fly lid press above is shown with its OSHA approved guards. The infeed and the discharge ends have a three foot long guard, preventing an arm from reaching into the machine. The trip wire around the machine perimeter is a safety shut-off. It is the most operator safe standard system available.

Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • This standard unit will handle 4 gallon to 7 gallon open mouth pails with plastic lids
  • The pail filler operator will discharge a filled pail then start the filling of the next.
  • While the next pail is filling, the operator will place a lid onto the filled pail
  • The pail will convey into the tunnel and the rest is automatic
  • The powered conveyor above is set at a slight angle
  • As the pail conveys through the tunnel the rollers press the lid down
  • Before reaching the other end of the tunnel, the lid is sealed.
  • The sealing pressure is adjustable, as is the angle of the conveyor.
  • All the safety guarding meets ANSI standards and is OSHA approved
  • The lid pressing rate is 50 pails per minute.

Product Specifications

  • Lid press can handle 4 to 7 gallon open mouth containers
  • Both conveyors are chain driven live roller type.
  • The upper conveyor is 4 ft long
  • The lower conveyor is 6 ft long
  • Rollers are all 1.9″ diameter at 3-1/4″ centers
  • Conveyors have 1/2 HP drives, synchronized speeds
  • Welded structural channel frames & supports
  • Floor supports are adjustable in height, up to 3″
  • The tunnel height is adjustable up or down 3″
  • Guarding safety panels are expanded metal
  • Emergency stop pull cord around the perimeter
  • Press rate is 50 pails per minute.

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