Item No. 23

Flush Adapters

Product Description

The flush adapter is built for a clean-in-place operation where the lance remains on the filler machine while the infeed manifold, valves and lance are flushed out to remove any contaminants. The flush adapter device attaches to the lance and can rotate 360 degrees. It can be standing on the scale conveyor, or placed on a pallet, a board, or part of a pivoting assembly mounted on the side of the filler stanchion, as shown in the photo above.

The standard flush adapter is a 316 stainless steel device with a precision machined coupling, an adjustable throat assembly and a PTMEG high temperature and chemical resistant seal to prevent splash-back. It can be mounted and ready to use in a matter of minutes. The filler lance lowers into the mouth of the adapter then the operator locks it in place with a pair of draw latches. The controller is programmed to cycle the flushing operation for a predetermined time, in seconds or minutes, set by the operator. Timing for the flush can be set from 1 to 999 seconds, or 1 to 999 minutes.

Description of Operation

  • The operator sets the flush cycle on the touch screen, from 1 to 999 seconds, or minutes
  • The pivoting flush adapter is moved into place under the lance
  • The operator jogs the filler down and sets the adapter to gently receive it
  • Once in place, the operator pulls the draw latches down to lock the device in place
  • The start push button on the operator handle begins the flushing cycle
  • When completed, the operator releases the latches and presses the button again to retract the lance.
  • When no longer needed, the flush adapter device will swing back to the side of the filler stanchion.
  • It locks in place in any of the ball-pin hole locations set 15 degrees apart.

Product Specifications

  • A 316 stainless steel welded tube
  • Precision machined coupling
  • Adjustable throat assembly
  • PTMEG high temp and chemical resistant seal
  • Splash back prevention seal
  • Twin draw latches lock it in place on the lance
  • Rotates 360 degrees to accommodate the operator
  • Mounted on a pallet, board, or pivoting arm assembly

Product Accessories

  • Palletized drum & tote fillers
  • Single drum & pail fillers
  • Automatic pail fillers
  • Automatic drum fillers
  • Quad drum fillers
  • Stainless steel fillers
  • Special fume booths
  • Custom made fillers