Item No. 703

Multi-Head IBC & FIBC Filler

Product Description

Here is a custom made, dual-purpose, dry solids filling system designed for filling bulk boxes and flexible bags with pellets. The box filling operation starts with a pallet discharged from the automatic pallet dispenser at the beginning of the system. A plastic liner is then manually inserted into the box. Zones of powered conveyors accumulate pallets prior to the filling station. During the filling cycle, the pallet is lifted and the contents of the box is vibrated to lower the pellet’s angle of repose. After lowering the final fill is made. The operator discharges the load, allowing the next one into the filling station.

A unique, dual-purpose filling head allows the removal of the box fill spout, leaving the bag fill spout accessible. When using the bulk bag operation, a shuttle brings a four-clamp assembly to the operator, to easily attach the four straps. The throat of the bag is held captive while a rubber bladder inflates to seal the filling spout. The bag is shaken during the filling cycle.

Specialty Equipment manufactures fillers and conveyors with structural steel stanchions, frames and supports welded together, making each section a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • An automatic pallet dispenser discharges an empty pallet onto the first conveyor zone.
  • An operator places a bulk box on the pallet then inserts a plastic liner into the box.
  • Each prepped load advances to the next accumulation conveyor zone.
  • The fill operator wraps the liner around the spout and activates the pneumatic clamps.
  • The operator presses start which activates and an electric liner inflating device
  • A rubber bladder is used to inflate the liner then signals the valve to open to fill 75% of the box.
  • A pneumatic vibrator raises the and shakes the pallet, settling the load.
  • The pallet is then lowered for the final fill, by weight.
  • The operation is similar for the FIBC filling cycle.
  • An air operated shuttle with four bag clamps moves toward the operator to set the bag in place.
  • The throat of the bag is held captive while a rubber bladder inflates to seal the filling spout.
  • After a predetermined weight is achieved, the bag is shaken.
  • When the load is settled, the bag is filled to the required weight.
  • The operator removes the straps and discharges the load.
  • A new load is driven into the fill station.

Product Specifications

  • This machine will fill bulk bags as well as bulk boxes.
  • Scale is a 5,000 lb, capacity platform type with load cells
  • The automatic pallet dispenser is a model DTS-3500
  • The conveyors are chain driven live roller type
  • Controls; Allen Bradley PLC and NEMA 12 components
  • Touch screen is Allen Bradley color PanelView
  • The retractable fill spout is made from stainless steel
  • The bag clamps shuttle to and from the operator
  • The load vibrator is an air operated actuator
  • All the equipment are made from welded, structural steel
  • The system is assembled, programmed and factory tested

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