Item No. 705

Drum & Box Filler

Product Description

This application is a custom-made, semi-automatic, drum and box filler, designed for a small batch operation, filling dry solids into various sizes and types of containers. The dry food additive is very dusty, so an air operated hood is used to lower over the open container to allow for dust collection during the filling operation. The components used to build this filler; bearings, motors and controls, are dust tight.

A Teflon bellows is used for covering the extending and retracting filler spout. An exhaust port is built into the hood, to hook-up with the customer’s dust collection system. An air cylinder at the back of the filler raises and lowers the hood. Since the product is contained in a hopper above the filling station, the fill rate is very quick once the valve opens. A push button starts the filling cycle and another sends the container away, allowing a new one to enter.

Specialty Equipment builds custom machines, fillers and conveyors from structural steel with the stanchions, frames and floor supports welded together to make each unit a one-piece superstructure, the most rugged standard in the industry.

Description of Operation

  • A liner is first placed into the drum or box by the operator
  • The operator pushes a button to activate the fill cycle
  • An air cylinder behind the filler raises and lowers the hood
  • The fill head lowers to seal the top of the container
  • The product is pre-weighed above the filler station
  • When signaled, the measured load drops into the container.
  • The dust collection system activates simultaneously with the fill cycle.
  • When filled, the spout retracts to it’s home position.
  • The container conveys out of the fill station
  • A new container arrives and stops by photo eye recognition