Item No. 505

Drum Dumper for Dry Solids

Product Description

A drum dumper should be used with a conveyor system because of the size and weight of manually handling 55 gallon drums. This semi-automatic, drum dumper is a pneumatically operated machine, built with two air cylinders that bring a funnel and spout to the mouth of the drum and two more air cylinders that tilt the drum 120º to dump the contents. The funnel shaped hood and spout allows the product to flow at a controlled rate. This machine was designed to empty the dry solids contents of 30 to 55 gallon drums into a vat. A forward/reverse toggle is provided for the operator, mounted on the machine.

A gravity roller conveyor, mounted on the base of the cradle, allows the operator to easily load and unload drums. The normal dumping rate is four drums per minute with an open top, 55 gallon drum filled with sand. The rugged machine is built from structural channels and square tubing in a fully welded assembly.

Description of Operation

  • An operator guides an open mouth drum onto the cradle conveyor of the dumper
  • The operator then moves a toggle switch to activate the machine
  • The drum funnel and spout assembly is activated, capturing the drum
  • Another pair of air cylinders is activated to rotate the drum 120 degrees and stops
  • The contents of the drum empties out while the machine holds the drum in the cradle
  • The operator then moves the toggle to return the cradle to its home position
  • The empty drum is pushed out of the cradle and a new full drum is pulled into the station.
  • The normal dumping rate, using sand, is four 55 gallon drums per minute

Product Specifications

  • This is a totally pneumatic, semi-automatic machine
  • Machine capacity is one with a 750 lb drum payload
  • Designed to handle 30 to 55 gallon open top drums
  • Two, 12″ air cylinders close the funnel onto the drum
  • Two 24″ air cylinders rotate the cradle 120 degrees
  • A gravity roller conveyor is mounted at the base
  • Welded structural steel channels and square tubing
  • An air valve, (toggle) is included on the machine.
  • Rate is four 55 gallon drums per minute with sand.

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